Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Word of the Week

I was curious and looking through my Thesaurus (oh shit Heaven is smart too) for words other than "sexy"  Lickerish caught my eye.
It originated in the 1300's and it's meaning was to be pleasing to the taste, literally, by the licker.
I love how simplistic the word is, oh baby your cunt is so lickerish. *lick lick lap*
Would you deny him the joy of tasting you over and over.
As time went by this word is associated with lecherous - erotically suggestive, inciting to lust.
Well I can only speak for myself here, but tell me I am lickerish and dive right in and I will suggest you keep licking it erotically surely inciting both of our deep carnal lusts.
The Original Wycked Angel

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