Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hell is Saving Me a Seat

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen. I hope you are enjoying the blog, the site, the life. Hopefully you remembered to Vote. Yes yes, for President but also for our site. http://www.phonesexkingdom.com/

With that being said, I wanted to share some ramblings and thoughts that surface into my mind. It takes certain kinds of women to be pso's. None of us alike, but similar in our minds. Some of my readers have assured me I am going to hell. Why is this?? Because I can almost always turn anything in the course of my day into a phone call fantasy. For example.....

I am chatting away this morning with one of my favorite phone whore hags (you know, like fag hags - girls that love to hang out with gay men) and my phone rings. I start collecting Mr. Birthday Boys info for a call (ooo another blog idea) and I hear my dogs barking. Usually that means, someone is outside. As I am talking to Mr. Birthday Boy I peer outside. A dark colored van that I have never seen. The door opens, a long leg in sensible shoes steps out. I ask Mr. Birthday Boy to give me a few minutes to get approval for his call. Arched eyebrow, I walk outside. Who the hell is at my house??? And what the fuck could they possibly want?? With phone in hand, waiting for Mr. Birthday Boy to call back, I go outside and come face to face with a stunning young lady. Green eyes, long dark hair and the pinkest cheeks. She is wearing a long "A" line skirt, and angelic cardigan. She smiles at me. In the sweetest and most country voice she asks me if she can give me something. In her hand a pamphlet. Under her arm, a Bible. She is spreading the word. Now, mind you, I have been voting for my phonesex site, advertising my phonesex site, talking naughty and I know I still have the scent of my boyfriends cum on me. I take her pamphlet and tell her to have a wonderful day. My mind wanders, walking back into the house I picture the scene. Inviting her into the house. Having her sit and talk with me and my boyfriend. Admitting our dirty truths and deviant behavours. Hoping her will is not so strong and she can be swayed. Just this once to give into her desires, her fetish and dirty up a completely chaste word spreader. How I could make her stand before me in all her glorious glow and shower me with her golden annointment. The phone rings....it is Mr. Birthday Boy. I am so going to hell.

No hate mail please......This fantasy is offered by PHONE SESSION only and is not for the weak.

Any takers????

Your Naughty Angel,

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