Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Here Comes Mr. Winter - but don't let it dampen your appetite for PhoneSex

The year really has flown by hasn't it?  I am hoping Santa brings me more toys, boys and panties.  I know Santa isn't real but still - a hot man dressing up LIKE Santa, playfully asking me to suck his candy cane.  Hot chocolate with a shot of baileys in it.  Fire, cozy.

Do you think that a girl like me is a bad naughty girl for talking dirty to strangers (some stranger than others let me tell you HA)?  Or would you rather qualify me as a Saint?  Understanding that MEN have certain needs.  Needs that only a dark room, tissues and naughty masturbation can fix.  Needs that only a wicked little angel like me can cure.  Needs to be fully stroking his enormously engorged cock.  Needs of imagining my mouth spread open wide to capture all his forbidden seed??  Desires to be pegged and taking his sweet little asshole to pure pleasure???  Lustful thoughts of jamming his cock deep into my sweet, young virginal ass, staining me, tainting me, marking me as his pleasure pulse point???

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa - now I am getting horny,  Santa better bring me something good this year.

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My name is Heaven - and YES indeed I will take you there.  Despite what others have told you --- Heaven is not THAT hard to get into.


Your Wickedly Sweet Angel,


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