Thursday, October 15, 2009

Heaven - the Muse

So I was talking to a favorite (yes I have a lot of them) of mine.  He is delicious.  His intelligence is what makes him even more sexy.  A performer, a man in tune with his artistic side.  Beautiful curly red hair.  Nice voice and fun.  So he had to go to piano class the other night.  How was it?  Boring he says.  I was telling him how I love a man playing piano.  The idea of him sitting at his piano.  Frustrated.  Shirt off, sweating, red curls sticking to the back of his neck and forehead.  I was watching, in the dark.  Banging at his piano but obviously out of sorts.  I am stroking my panties, biting my lip, watching him.  I adore the look of a big man pouring his soul out through his fingers.  He turns to look into the empty theater, hearing something.  I take my chance.

Start walking towards the stage.  Trembling in my short red dress.  He asks me to join him on his bench.  I catch him staring at my thighs.  I take his hand from the ivory keys and place it between my thighs.  Squeezing it there so he can feel the heat from within my panties.  I stand and sit upon his keys, making a few notes into the still air.  I pull the straps on my dress exposing my tits.  Full, pale, with hard nipples.  He leans in and begins to suck them.  Spreading my legs, arching my back and lying back against the piano I rub against him.  Grabbing his thick, wet hair in my hand I push him between my thighs.  Pushing his tongue past my panties he is making me wet.  Cupping my ass, grinding me into his mouth like I was quenching his thirst.  I push him back, reach down for his cock and release it from his jeans.  I wrap my legs around him, feeling his sweaty chest against my stomach.  I take his lips against my mouth, sucking his tongue.  As I suck he pushes into me.  Fucking me right there on his piano.  Gripping my ass hard, thrusting deep and hard.  Hurting oh so good.  My cunt wrapped around his cock, his hands in my hair, pulling and forcing deeper and deeper.  Faster until he makes me cum all over his cock.  Biting his tender pale neck he grunts deep, cumming so hard my ass presses into the ivory keys.  He collapses on top of me, both of us shaking.  His fingers gliding across me, feeling his soul as he smiles.

Now he must always remember our time every time he sits at that piano.

Your Adoring Angel,

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