Monday, April 19, 2010

Did I Not Get the Memo?

I swear, some days are Fucktard Day for sure!

Get a clue - I know I am a phone bone luxury - but can we stop asking dumb ass questions?  Oh and I do remember a LOT of details of who I chat with or do calls with.  I will remember your m.o., I will remember the questions you ask, I will remember that you have wasted my time in chat for over a year, or have called my number more than once with that tired ol line - I've never done this before?  Oh yea????? then how come I remember you getting your balls drained while I rode you bareback with my strap on dipped in crisco?  Anywho - I love men, I love taking calls, getting off and flirting....I do on the other hand, hate assholes, idiots, dumb asses, fakers, abusers and FUCKTARDS!

>Your Sunny Personality


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