Friday, February 27, 2009

Let me Remind You

Gentlemen! My name is Heaven. I am just 26 years old, sweet as apple
pie and I have a laugh that makes men melt. I have been told I am a
naughty little tease and that someday _ just when I least expect it_
that my “innocent” ways will get me into a world of trouble. So far I
love every bit of “trouble” that I attract.
When I was just a young
little girl, I would sneak around and watch my daddy’s porn or steal
his girlie magazines. I would lie in my bed with the door locked and
rub my panties fiercely. Getting them sticky and wet. Looking for
anything  in my room to please my sweet young body. I know it thrilled
me more hoping that I would never, ever get caught. I would adventure
more and more, trying to imitate the girls that made men so happy.
Always willing to learn what to do and how to do it. I know the older I
got the more I used what I had learned.  
Now, I am still that
sweet, innocent girl next door, but now I have that look in my eyes.
You know the one. That --I know what you are thinking about doing to my
sweet, young body--look. With a little coercion, sometimes a little
force, this sweet piece of Heaven will be doing your bidding.
Do not
mistake my sweetness for weakness. I know what I do to men. I love
playing innocent, getting men excited. I don’t stop there. I keep the
excitement up and running. Slowly working my way into your mind with my
sweet voice, wrapping myself around your soul until you want to rip off
my panties and drink my juices. Believe me, you will hear the sweetest
voice turn into a naughty, sultry vixen that is begging for you to fill
me with your cum.
I hope you come and play with me today.  Peek into
my bedroom window…you never know what kind of secret things I will be
doing. If I get caught, I might just do anything so that you won’t tell.

Sweet Kisses,
Come See Me Here

I fulfill all types of fantasies, some which include, but are surely not limited to:

Family Roleplay
Cheerleader gone bad
Food play
Wild Kingdom
Age Play
Naughty confession
Guided Masturbation
Panty Sniffers
Girlfriends sleepover
Toy play
Breath play
Make me your princess
Make me mind
Punish me
First timers
Eager virgin
And Much More

you ever imagined how good it would be to grab up and use that sweet
little girl next door?? I know you look at me with lust in your eyes
when you are driving to your PTA meetings with your wife. So sweet,
young, and a body that just won’t quit. I know you want to bend me over
the bumper of your car and teach me a thing or two about stirring
desires in men like you. I know you watch me through your fence while I
am  sunbathing in my skimpy swimsuit. Wishing that your big, hard cock
was buried in my sweet, virgin pussy. My lipsmackers gloss covered lips
wrapped around your cock. Come on Daddy….come teach me a lesson. Make
me whimper, squirm and be on my knees for your hot cock. I secretly
want to be your girl. I have seen you wanting, rubbing your cock when
you walk by. Come on and call me…let me fulfill that dirty little

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