Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Madness

Is it March already? Where does the time go? I hope that all my readers are enjoying themselves. I would love to hear from some new freak nasty guys that just want to shake a bit of love off with me. I added my number over there >>>>>>> which may entice a few of you to "just do it!" I mean phonesex is a sweet, cheap little escape. I mean any fantasy you want can be had. I like to refer to myself as a jerk off magazine with a voice. You can look at porn, your favorite pussy mag, pretend I am your girlfriend and let's get that cock up and off!

For my March Special I am offering something like this.....

Buy 10 mins (
*that is the minimum) get 5 mins free
Buy 20 mins get 10 mins free (a 20$ value)
Buy 30 mins get 15 mins free (a 30$ value)
Buy 60 mins get 30 mins free.(a 60$ value)

So...whatever you pay for get 50% of that BACK FOR FREE.

This March Special good and valid until 5p.m. Saturday 3/7

I hope to make some new naughty friends to share my pussy rubbing adventures with!


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