Thursday, May 28, 2009

You said What???

I have been a phone sex
operator for a few years now.  I have worked in the adult industry in
many forms.  Through the course of this summer I plan to share some of
the different things I have heard, seen and even done.  But the other
day I can say I was stunned.  Well stunned is the wrong word.  Let me
see....shocked? no.  disgusted?  no.  Well I can say mid
sentence and stroking I sat up, choked a bit, and said...What did you
just say????  He quickly and just as excited said...."you're gonna
stuff that peanut butter hole."  I had not heard that line before. 
Making reference to the knowledge that some girls have enticed their
pet with peanut butter.  Honestly I wanted to go into the kitchen and
open the brand new jar of Skippy and take a handfull and stuff it into
my mouth.  How sexy is phone sex
when all you hear is the goop and mush of wet mouth slobbering all
over...........WAIT A MINUTE!!!!  Did I just find a new use for smooth
and creamy Jif?  Can I deduct this on my taxes?  Quite possible.  So I
rolled with it.  "Oh yea I am gonna stuff that peanut butter hole with
your big, fat, throbbing cock.  You supply the jelly!"  Just hearing me
say it sent him the edge and licking my fingers just teetered him right
over.  Ahhhh the sound of orgasms. 

Even if brought on by the oddest description.

Have fun, laugh and give yourself at least one rocking orgasm!



  1. yes the comments are working people. lol

  2. Hey hun this has to be one of the funniest things i have ever seen on a blog before you should start a funniest/ weirdist things you hear on calls blog i think that it would go a long way let me know