Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stanley Steamer????

So today is Tuesday, offering up a Two for Tuesday special...Which is every damn Tuesday btw.  Buy One Ten Minute Call Get a Second Ten Minute Call for Free!  Now that is some deal and ONLY Available on Tuesdays.

I did receive a phone call today.  I was in my room watching some tube when the phone rang.  I answered.  Hi - um is this Stanley Steamer? No.  Sorry.  Bye.  Dialtone.   I may have carpet and I may now how to suck....but the only carpet I am sucking isn't the one you spilled on, walked on and let your dog pee on.  He called again 20 minutes later.  I didn't pick up the phone.  A while later the phone rings.  Hello?  Hey I was wondering if you can help me.  I have three numbers wrote down here for Stanley Steamer and trying to figure out which one it is.  LOL

Now I could have been a bitch - you know who you are - and yelled, gotten pissy, hung up or just been a general rude person.  But no.  I ask, What city are you in?  New York.  Cool - let's get on the ol google bar and find your number.  Oh (chuckle) I can do that.  I said, well I am a phone sex operator so I have no interest in cleaning your carpets.  But, I would be inclined to tell you that you can view my little red carpet at Phone Sex Kingdom.  Guaranteed you never wanted to suck clean a carpet as bad as this one.  We chuckle...he says oh wow a redhead!  You sound like a really fun girl!  Damn straight I am!  And hey - how about while you are waiting for Stanley Steamer to show up you just check out the site.  I take back the "mark that 888 823 6127 off your list"  What you want to do is put a big heart around it and gimme a call when you are ready to dirty up that carpet again!  I sure will, I am definitely intrigued.

I am a real woman, a real fun woman.  I don't demand, beg or threaten.  I always have time - even if to find you the Stanley Steamer in YOUR area.  Because you always attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

Your funny, helpful, real genuine angel

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