Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sweet Dreams

I woke up this morning and my thighs were sticky.  I had been dreaming.  A long hot, sticky, very real dream.  I can't remember everything - but it was very dark and the music really loud.  Thumping in my chest and head.  My heart was beating fast and I was swaying, bending, rubbing and grinding.  Long red hair sticking just a bit to my shoulders and forehead.  A cool breeze occasionally running across my ass and up across my full naked tits.  I could feel fingers touching me.  I stepped up into a chair and squatted across my faceless admirer.  I felt hot breath against my thighs, fingers toying with the edge of my panties.  From the heat, the beat and the smell of sex in the air, my pussy was throbbing.  I pressed myself down across him and slid.  The throbbing in his hard cock was obvious as it pressed into my thigh, across my swollen clit, my stomach.  How nicely it fit in between my full, round tits.  The urge to pull his zipper, reach inside and clasp that cock took over.  I want IT!  With its soft yet firm head pulsing in my hand my mind played every scenario - - - how hot each of them would be.........which one do YOU choose?

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