Thursday, April 30, 2009


I love playing Daddy's girl.  Secretly it has been a fetish of mine for a while.  Different context at times.  Like the Babysitter - the Daddy takes me while the baby sleeps in another room.  Sometimes I like to pretend that I am a young girl and I am scolded for being such a slut.  Wearing tight clothes, flirting with my Dad's friends.  Being cornered in the bathroom by them and letting them finger my pussy.  Other times I think of having a sleep over and we are giggling and playing under the covers.  Rubbing each others panties until my older brother catches us!!!!  I watch him make my friend suck his dick.  Furiously rubbing my clit until I cum on my fingers.  The thing about age play is it is all a "first time" experience.

Do you have a "first time" experience to share with me??? Or maybe play the idea out.  First time anal, oral, three some, cross dressing?????

You guys know I love to explore and no roleplay is turned away.

Daddys Special Little Angel