Thursday, December 10, 2009

Naughty Christmas Poem Revisited

Wishing everyone a beautiful holiday filled with surprises, wishes, love, and a really great orgasm!

I wrote this last year...but I still get a kick out of it!
Your extremely Naughty Angel

Randy, the sissy cumslut vouyer
had a hardon in his pantyhose.
And if you ever degrade him,
you could see his pathetic cock grow.
All the women that wanted big cocks
pointed, laughed and caused him shame.
They never let sissy boi Randy
stroke his pathetic clit until he came.
Then one sweet voiced, bitchy tease,
Heaven came to say:
"Randy boi your ass is so damn tight,
grab your ankles and be my bitch tonight!"
Then all night I fucked and stretched him
as he begged to drink my pee,
Randy the sissy cumslut vouyer,
your place is down on your knees!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to take the time to tell everyone that reads me....Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you stuff yourself full and then leave room to stuff me too =)

I will be taking calls Thanksgiving Day and hope to make someone thankful they can still pull that cock monster and get off!

Buy any amount of minutes - now and until the End of November - and get 50% of those purchased minutes back for FREE.

Your Loving Thankful Angel,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Gadget

Hey Everyone! I wanted to point out a new gadget - widget on my site. Well two actually. They are both on the right hand side. One is Buy Your Own Toys. Which is amazingly cool. I have linked up with EdenFantasys to provide toys, lubes, jerk off aids and all sorts of wicked little things to make your dick go BOINNNNG.

Secondly, anyone who actually has done calls with me for a period of time has heard my true nature. Sexy and funny. If I am not cooing in your ear while I stroke my slippery nub, I am giggling. Hell, I bet some of you know I even laugh right after I cum. Nothing like endorphins. So, Joke of the Day is there for your chuckle needs.

See, a woman of many talents. Come by and play!

888 823 6127

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloweenie Special

Come on - what the fuck are you waiting for? You have dirty desires to fill up every hole I have. Sweet, red, plump and juicy. Listen as I squish my pussy lips between my fingers. Stroke as you hear me stuffing it full of thick dildo. Squirt as I gag all over that cock. Anything you want, I can be manipulated into. No taboos, no limits. The filthier the better.

Trick or treat - lick my fucking feet - Get down on your knees and eat my sweet meat!

Halloweenie Special until the end of October. Buy a very unlucky 13 minutes get 7 very lucky minutes for FREE!

Come on perv - what are you waiting for???? To not be thinking of fucking my sweet round ass?

888 823 6127
chat me at wyckedheaven on aim/yahoo

Billed to your debit, credit or prepaid card.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Heaven - the Muse

So I was talking to a favorite (yes I have a lot of them) of mine.  He is delicious.  His intelligence is what makes him even more sexy.  A performer, a man in tune with his artistic side.  Beautiful curly red hair.  Nice voice and fun.  So he had to go to piano class the other night.  How was it?  Boring he says.  I was telling him how I love a man playing piano.  The idea of him sitting at his piano.  Frustrated.  Shirt off, sweating, red curls sticking to the back of his neck and forehead.  I was watching, in the dark.  Banging at his piano but obviously out of sorts.  I am stroking my panties, biting my lip, watching him.  I adore the look of a big man pouring his soul out through his fingers.  He turns to look into the empty theater, hearing something.  I take my chance.

Start walking towards the stage.  Trembling in my short red dress.  He asks me to join him on his bench.  I catch him staring at my thighs.  I take his hand from the ivory keys and place it between my thighs.  Squeezing it there so he can feel the heat from within my panties.  I stand and sit upon his keys, making a few notes into the still air.  I pull the straps on my dress exposing my tits.  Full, pale, with hard nipples.  He leans in and begins to suck them.  Spreading my legs, arching my back and lying back against the piano I rub against him.  Grabbing his thick, wet hair in my hand I push him between my thighs.  Pushing his tongue past my panties he is making me wet.  Cupping my ass, grinding me into his mouth like I was quenching his thirst.  I push him back, reach down for his cock and release it from his jeans.  I wrap my legs around him, feeling his sweaty chest against my stomach.  I take his lips against my mouth, sucking his tongue.  As I suck he pushes into me.  Fucking me right there on his piano.  Gripping my ass hard, thrusting deep and hard.  Hurting oh so good.  My cunt wrapped around his cock, his hands in my hair, pulling and forcing deeper and deeper.  Faster until he makes me cum all over his cock.  Biting his tender pale neck he grunts deep, cumming so hard my ass presses into the ivory keys.  He collapses on top of me, both of us shaking.  His fingers gliding across me, feeling his soul as he smiles.

Now he must always remember our time every time he sits at that piano.

Your Adoring Angel,

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not Such a Nice Day for a White Wedding

Last week was full of fun and twisted taboo secrets.  Do I love what I do?  Hell Yea!  I really do think I give a great call.  My laundry basket full of sticky panties tells me I do love it.  I would like to encourage YOU to give it a try.  I bet you would be surprised.

Anywho,  I got a call from one of my favs.  The reason he is one of my favs is his ability to transfer us both to a fantasy world.   Don't get me wrong, I love the guys I can render speechless and all you hear is the furious beating of their cocks and lungs.  The impact from a bended, masochistic, torturous, humiliating tear lover can take even me, over the top.

So, it is my wedding day.  My glorious day to shine.  A vision in white from head to toe.  Sparkling beads, luscious lace and tight corset underneath.  Stockings, garters, panties...all virginal.  Deep red hair piled atop my head.  A strapless designer gown.  No expense is spared as all my bridesmaids buzz around me.  Soft, beautiful, sweet and a gift wrapped expensively for my husband to be.  Everyone is my servant today.  It is MY day.
As I admire how innocent and lovely I look in the mirror a voice, deep and conniving, says "Hello Heaven"  Goosebumps cover my flesh.  As I spin around to see who it is, a fear shoots up my spine.  I have a pretty good idea who it is.  He stands there feigning his admiration for my dress.  "What the fuck are you doing here?"  He chuckles.  Seems he didn't get his invite, because I didn't send it.  No room for the past when you are trying to collect a future.

"You need to leave, I am not letting you ruin this day for me."  Ruin darling?  Now how could I do that?  I only want everyone to know the truth.  The truth about you.  I look to my friends, my bridesmaids, but they all seem to have that far away look, whistling and looking everywhere but at me.  He chuckles that slimy little chuckle again.  What?  Who do you think let me know of this little charade of yours???  They are all in on this.  We are sick of your bullshit Heaven and your little innocent facade you are pulling.  He kisses me, I real back in disgust.  He clenches me closer...feeling his breath on my face.  What's the matter my little slut?  Don't you want to play?

I learned long ago that No was his favorite word.  It made his blood simmer, his eyes glow and his cock hard.  He spins me around and his hands make his way under my designer gown.  I gasp as his fingers slide expertly into my virginal panties.  My eyes firing at every bridesmaid to help me.  They all settle in for the show.  One, my best friend, smirks.  Digging into her bag.  He lifts my gown over my head and says, you have a choice my dear Heaven.....I can go out there and tell your fiance' about all our fuck parties, orgies and your gulping on my cock with your best friends strap on in your cunt OR you can take this butt plug into your ass and walk down that pristine aisle to greet your husband to be with it lodge for the whole ceremony.  No, no I don't want either.  Fuck you.  Damn the chuckles.  My best friend helps him drop me to the floor and he asks again.  Teasing my asshole with the toy.  I struggle and beg no.  Wet or dry Heaven, wet or dry?  If you let me shove it in dry, oh it will hurt.  If I lube it up, while you have enough ass muscles to keep it in place so it doesn't flop out on the floor?  Wet or dry Heaven?  I cry, knowing I can't escape.  If I don't choose my fiance' will find out what a whore I have been.  He thinks I am a virgin!  Dry, I beg.  It pushes and pulls against my delicate asshole.  Dragging ever so slowly in.  Pushing, I cry.  It seems to take forever - stretching and tearing my ass.  Finally lodging past those muscles.  The bridesmaids whisper and giggle.

He tweaks my clit.  Offers up his next humiliation.  Pulling his cock from his pants and rubbing it against my face.  I turn away.  He cups my face and slaps a huge pink welt on my cheek.  Suck it!  Crying and reeling from the tight stinging in my ass, my guest only feet away in the chapel.  I open my mouth and take his familiar cock in.  Sucking, crying, and gagging on his cock.  My best friend cupping his balls and rubbing my pink innocent lipstick all over cock.  Both of them completely enjoying themselves.  He laughs, she laughs as he pushes me off his cock.  Spit strings pulling from my lips and his cock head.  My best friend smooths my hair, He takes a wipe at my mouth, removing the rest of my light pink lipstick.  He asks my best friend for a lipstick to reapply to my quivering swollen lips.  You must look your best Heaven.

He opens the tube of scarlet red and begins to apply it to my lips.  Shaking but thinking it is over.  My debt paid, I pucker.  He applies it thin, than thick and thicker still.  I am disgusted.  I am so embarrassed, but come to find out...not quite enough.  He starts to write on my exposed chest S - L - U - T.  In large letters.  I am furious!  Knowing I won't have enough time to get rid of the letters.  Even wiped off they will show.  He snarls and kneels upon my chest.  Furiously rubbing his cock between my tits.  Smearing the scarlet red all over my chest.  He rubs and jerks and spews his cum all over my tits.  Smearing his cum with the scarlet red.  Marking me as his slut.  And deep down, even after marrying this perfect man, I knew he would be back for more.

Not Such a Virgin,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stanley Steamer????

So today is Tuesday, offering up a Two for Tuesday special...Which is every damn Tuesday btw.  Buy One Ten Minute Call Get a Second Ten Minute Call for Free!  Now that is some deal and ONLY Available on Tuesdays.

I did receive a phone call today.  I was in my room watching some tube when the phone rang.  I answered.  Hi - um is this Stanley Steamer? No.  Sorry.  Bye.  Dialtone.   I may have carpet and I may now how to suck....but the only carpet I am sucking isn't the one you spilled on, walked on and let your dog pee on.  He called again 20 minutes later.  I didn't pick up the phone.  A while later the phone rings.  Hello?  Hey I was wondering if you can help me.  I have three numbers wrote down here for Stanley Steamer and trying to figure out which one it is.  LOL

Now I could have been a bitch - you know who you are - and yelled, gotten pissy, hung up or just been a general rude person.  But no.  I ask, What city are you in?  New York.  Cool - let's get on the ol google bar and find your number.  Oh (chuckle) I can do that.  I said, well I am a phone sex operator so I have no interest in cleaning your carpets.  But, I would be inclined to tell you that you can view my little red carpet at Phone Sex Kingdom.  Guaranteed you never wanted to suck clean a carpet as bad as this one.  We chuckle...he says oh wow a redhead!  You sound like a really fun girl!  Damn straight I am!  And hey - how about while you are waiting for Stanley Steamer to show up you just check out the site.  I take back the "mark that 888 823 6127 off your list"  What you want to do is put a big heart around it and gimme a call when you are ready to dirty up that carpet again!  I sure will, I am definitely intrigued.

I am a real woman, a real fun woman.  I don't demand, beg or threaten.  I always have time - even if to find you the Stanley Steamer in YOUR area.  Because you always attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

Your funny, helpful, real genuine angel

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sweet Dreams

I woke up this morning and my thighs were sticky.  I had been dreaming.  A long hot, sticky, very real dream.  I can't remember everything - but it was very dark and the music really loud.  Thumping in my chest and head.  My heart was beating fast and I was swaying, bending, rubbing and grinding.  Long red hair sticking just a bit to my shoulders and forehead.  A cool breeze occasionally running across my ass and up across my full naked tits.  I could feel fingers touching me.  I stepped up into a chair and squatted across my faceless admirer.  I felt hot breath against my thighs, fingers toying with the edge of my panties.  From the heat, the beat and the smell of sex in the air, my pussy was throbbing.  I pressed myself down across him and slid.  The throbbing in his hard cock was obvious as it pressed into my thigh, across my swollen clit, my stomach.  How nicely it fit in between my full, round tits.  The urge to pull his zipper, reach inside and clasp that cock took over.  I want IT!  With its soft yet firm head pulsing in my hand my mind played every scenario - - - how hot each of them would be.........which one do YOU choose?

Come play nasty games with Heaven
despite what you've heard, there is a LOT of sin going on in Heaven
888 823 6127
(charges do apply)
My Site

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Do You Know How to Have fun?

Well, the 4th of July is over and now all that remains is one marshmallow left over from smores, a lot of red, white and blue paper, some burnt up punks, and a pile of empty beer bottles.  But it was fun while it lasted.  Now back to some serious work.

I love my job and as I mentioned earlier, I have been in the adult entertainment business for a little while now.  I want to share with you ----  I used to work in a little private club called Pamela's.  In this club there are two private rooms, a hot tub, a handful of sexy girls and it promises an "all nude" atmosphere.  In our down time us girls, dressed in various forms and items, but all of us used to our nudity, would play what we called "toilet paper football".  See, on the hot tub was this giant tarp we were responsible for covering the tub with in the mornings.  We used to pull it down our dark, nicely painted and decorated hallway.  Close all the adjoining doors, put pillows in front of the floor to ceiling mirrors and wave to the camera in the hallway.  A basketful of toilet paper would be placed at either end.  Charisma - so properly named, the little deviant of the group, would grab bottles of baby oil, also a staple in our club, and squirt the tarp liberally.  So the game would begin.  I don't think we ever kept score but we would throw these rolls of toilet paper to one side and the girl that caught the paper would run, or attempt to, down the oily tarp.  Tackles were the most fun and before you knew it you were laughing, soaked in oil, your ass mark on the mirror and that beautiful hairdo now an oily mess.  You could not help but want to become a part of this fun.  Ahhh the ploy.  When guys would come into Pamela's first thing they see if a lobby, with a window.  They step up to the window and the door opening causes the doorbell to ring.  Now the bosses loved you to be modelesque.  Very pretty lingerie, hair, nails, gloss, perfection.  To speak well and entice with your skills.  But come to find out when two or three really oily, mascara running, hair stuck to your forehead, laughing their asses off, playing grab ass and such came to the window - almost every time cover fees were paid and shows were bought and playtime=moneymaking ensued.  I only share this to prove a fact.  It isn't if you win or lose, it is how much fun you have playing the game.  Men don't need perfection ladies, they need fun and a sense of adventure.  So stop complaining about what you don't have, what you have lost over the years, no one's ass stays perfect forever, and just get out there, jump right in and enjoy it.  Stop doing a disservice by faking it.  If sex looked great everytime we did it, we would all be pornstars.  Just a thought shared by your favorite little phone bone angel.  Heaven

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Version of FAQ's

I have had a few issues lately that I am sure some of the other

operators and even gentlemen have questioned.  So, I would like to

attempt to clear up some of the confusion.

This is a recent IM

Name Withheld: well, since I started getting e-mails from other

Operators  in the Kingdom...I also saw that as you rejecting me and

trying to pass me off to someone else.

wyckedheaven: Honey, you only receive emails from other girls on the

Kingdom because you joined our google group Phone Sex Kingdom...which

is similar to a mailing list...where you can read the posts of ALL our

girls.  if you had not joined you would not get those emails

wyckedheaven: and I would NEVER pass you off, give your info to other

girls or anything like that....a LOT of guys get confused and think

they got compromised or their favorite operator gave out their info

when they join these groups.

I only bring this to attention because I truly believe some guys have

thought the very same thing.  We LOVE having you join our Google

Group.  We love that all of you read and some of you even

comment....which we encourage you to enjoy yourself fully.  All we ask

is that you never bully, harass, pass judgment or treat others with

disrespect.  We are all adults and every one of us have hidden little

animal instincts that make us "naughty".

Back to the subject.....

No operator will ever share your personal information with any other

operator.  We will NEVER throw your email address into a pool and the

girls all grab it and compose emails directly to you.  You WILL,

however, receive emails from the different operators that choose to

post here in this Google Group.  If you do not wish to receive emails,

or wish to receive just one Daily Digest email from this group, simply

go to Edit my Membership and check the appropriate circle.

I hope this clears up your questions as to why all the sudden all

these girls are hot box filling up your email box.  I kinda like the

assumption you are too hot for words!

Want to Join our Google Group?  Anyone can join - Sign up here

Your loving Angel,


Thursday, May 28, 2009

You said What???

I have been a phone sex
operator for a few years now.  I have worked in the adult industry in
many forms.  Through the course of this summer I plan to share some of
the different things I have heard, seen and even done.  But the other
day I can say I was stunned.  Well stunned is the wrong word.  Let me
see....shocked? no.  disgusted?  no.  Well I can say mid
sentence and stroking I sat up, choked a bit, and said...What did you
just say????  He quickly and just as excited said...."you're gonna
stuff that peanut butter hole."  I had not heard that line before. 
Making reference to the knowledge that some girls have enticed their
pet with peanut butter.  Honestly I wanted to go into the kitchen and
open the brand new jar of Skippy and take a handfull and stuff it into
my mouth.  How sexy is phone sex
when all you hear is the goop and mush of wet mouth slobbering all
over...........WAIT A MINUTE!!!!  Did I just find a new use for smooth
and creamy Jif?  Can I deduct this on my taxes?  Quite possible.  So I
rolled with it.  "Oh yea I am gonna stuff that peanut butter hole with
your big, fat, throbbing cock.  You supply the jelly!"  Just hearing me
say it sent him the edge and licking my fingers just teetered him right
over.  Ahhhh the sound of orgasms. 

Even if brought on by the oddest description.

Have fun, laugh and give yourself at least one rocking orgasm!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Letter from a Caller

Thought I might share a letter from a caller.....when you want a phone sex girl with undivided attention, personable and real....give me a call.

From: Jon
Date: 5/27/2009 10:27:17 AM
To: Heaven
Subject: Wow....that's all I can say....

Baby, that was absolutely AMAZING!  It has been some time since I have entered into the phone sex world, and boy have things changed.  First, you answer the phone yourself.  Second, I see pictures, OF YOU, that I can use as we play.  And then you don't limit yourself in your roleplay?  Amazing.  I know that some people can be creeped out by some fantasies, but you were so into it!  It made me feel very comfortable.  THis is one session that will go into my spank bank for later...
I look forward to telling you some of my other naughtier fantasies.
PS thanks so much for the pictures you emailed.  They are fantastic!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Specials and More Free Minutes

For those of you that do not receiving emails from me.....Here is a peek into my most recent specials.  I extend this to my established callers, and for anyone that wishes to call and have a little naughty, taboo, sexy, erotic phone sex calls with me.  Hey - see those vote, chat and twitter boxes over there>>>>> do something with them! I mean everyone wants a little love don't they?

Thursday, April 30, 2009


I love playing Daddy's girl.  Secretly it has been a fetish of mine for a while.  Different context at times.  Like the Babysitter - the Daddy takes me while the baby sleeps in another room.  Sometimes I like to pretend that I am a young girl and I am scolded for being such a slut.  Wearing tight clothes, flirting with my Dad's friends.  Being cornered in the bathroom by them and letting them finger my pussy.  Other times I think of having a sleep over and we are giggling and playing under the covers.  Rubbing each others panties until my older brother catches us!!!!  I watch him make my friend suck his dick.  Furiously rubbing my clit until I cum on my fingers.  The thing about age play is it is all a "first time" experience.

Do you have a "first time" experience to share with me??? Or maybe play the idea out.  First time anal, oral, three some, cross dressing?????

You guys know I love to explore and no roleplay is turned away.

Daddys Special Little Angel

Friday, March 20, 2009

We will call him Cabernet

I have had a few calls now with Cabernet.  I have to say I have really enjoyed them simply because he loves role play.  Has a fresh outlook on enjoying himself.  He is a self proclaimed voyeur and nudist.  He loves to have a few drinks and let his mind wander.  Our latest delicious retreat was after a bottle of Cabernet.  His favorite I think.  He and his wife live next door.  We are all friends and he comes over to help me with "manly" things since my boyfriend is away from home so often.  He is much older than I am and kind of like a father figure.  A naughty daddy figure.  I find him peeking at me when I sunbath.  I catch him, wink and he blushes and quickly looks for his wife.  I think someone is getting neglected.  So I ask him to come take a look at my air conditioner.  I need to cool off anyway and put my bathing suit top back on.  He tinkers around with my window unit that blows into my bedroom.  I don't think he really knows what is wrong with it.  But I take the opportunity to tease him more.  I throw my top on the bed and slowly rub my tits in my bedroom mirror.  "Ummm is it blowing cold now????"  I slip my hand into my panties...watching him watch me.  He gulps.  "I think you may need to look at it from in here"  He comes into the house and I quickly pull my bathing suit bottoms off.  Just him watching me rub myself has me hot.  I haven't been fucked all week and I am needing it.  He comes into my room, damp with sweat from the heat.  He steps in front of the air conditioner and feels the instant cold.  He chuckles.  He turns and I grab ahold of his cock and press myself against him.  "Seems we both have a need."  He reaches for me and I swiftly release his cock from his sweaty jeans.  The air conditioning may have been blowing but we were both dripping wet and ready to fuck..................and we did.  To this day it is our little secret.  But he knows "can you look at my air conditioner?" is a very open ended question.  wink


Come find me and let me help you find your way into a sweet and naughty orgasm!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Craigslist Controversy - A PSO Speaks Out!

I invite all my readers to follow me today - - - To read a thought provoking article written by Miss Bailey addressing the issues surrounding Craigslist. It is a household name due to it never ending controversy. Well used by people to buy, sell, rent, find work and yes.....erotic services. Go by and read, leave a comment, invite your friends.

To read Miss Baileys Blog - ­ Click Here

Have an awesome day! Kudos Bailey for speaking up and out!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Madness

Is it March already? Where does the time go? I hope that all my readers are enjoying themselves. I would love to hear from some new freak nasty guys that just want to shake a bit of love off with me. I added my number over there >>>>>>> which may entice a few of you to "just do it!" I mean phonesex is a sweet, cheap little escape. I mean any fantasy you want can be had. I like to refer to myself as a jerk off magazine with a voice. You can look at porn, your favorite pussy mag, pretend I am your girlfriend and let's get that cock up and off!

For my March Special I am offering something like this.....

Buy 10 mins (
*that is the minimum) get 5 mins free
Buy 20 mins get 10 mins free (a 20$ value)
Buy 30 mins get 15 mins free (a 30$ value)
Buy 60 mins get 30 mins free.(a 60$ value)

So...whatever you pay for get 50% of that BACK FOR FREE.

This March Special good and valid until 5p.m. Saturday 3/7

I hope to make some new naughty friends to share my pussy rubbing adventures with!


Friday, February 27, 2009

Let me Remind You

Gentlemen! My name is Heaven. I am just 26 years old, sweet as apple
pie and I have a laugh that makes men melt. I have been told I am a
naughty little tease and that someday _ just when I least expect it_
that my “innocent” ways will get me into a world of trouble. So far I
love every bit of “trouble” that I attract.
When I was just a young
little girl, I would sneak around and watch my daddy’s porn or steal
his girlie magazines. I would lie in my bed with the door locked and
rub my panties fiercely. Getting them sticky and wet. Looking for
anything  in my room to please my sweet young body. I know it thrilled
me more hoping that I would never, ever get caught. I would adventure
more and more, trying to imitate the girls that made men so happy.
Always willing to learn what to do and how to do it. I know the older I
got the more I used what I had learned.  
Now, I am still that
sweet, innocent girl next door, but now I have that look in my eyes.
You know the one. That --I know what you are thinking about doing to my
sweet, young body--look. With a little coercion, sometimes a little
force, this sweet piece of Heaven will be doing your bidding.
Do not
mistake my sweetness for weakness. I know what I do to men. I love
playing innocent, getting men excited. I don’t stop there. I keep the
excitement up and running. Slowly working my way into your mind with my
sweet voice, wrapping myself around your soul until you want to rip off
my panties and drink my juices. Believe me, you will hear the sweetest
voice turn into a naughty, sultry vixen that is begging for you to fill
me with your cum.
I hope you come and play with me today.  Peek into
my bedroom window…you never know what kind of secret things I will be
doing. If I get caught, I might just do anything so that you won’t tell.

Sweet Kisses,
Come See Me Here

I fulfill all types of fantasies, some which include, but are surely not limited to:

Family Roleplay
Cheerleader gone bad
Food play
Wild Kingdom
Age Play
Naughty confession
Guided Masturbation
Panty Sniffers
Girlfriends sleepover
Toy play
Breath play
Make me your princess
Make me mind
Punish me
First timers
Eager virgin
And Much More

you ever imagined how good it would be to grab up and use that sweet
little girl next door?? I know you look at me with lust in your eyes
when you are driving to your PTA meetings with your wife. So sweet,
young, and a body that just won’t quit. I know you want to bend me over
the bumper of your car and teach me a thing or two about stirring
desires in men like you. I know you watch me through your fence while I
am  sunbathing in my skimpy swimsuit. Wishing that your big, hard cock
was buried in my sweet, virgin pussy. My lipsmackers gloss covered lips
wrapped around your cock. Come on Daddy….come teach me a lesson. Make
me whimper, squirm and be on my knees for your hot cock. I secretly
want to be your girl. I have seen you wanting, rubbing your cock when
you walk by. Come on and call me…let me fulfill that dirty little

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Is for Lovers, Naughty Kinky Phone Lovers

I love Valentines Day! It is full of romance, chocolate and hopefully lots of hot and nasty sex!!! In reference to the 14th....I am offering a special until the end of February (that's right, Valentines Day may be special, but why not enjoy the spirit of it all month long????)
Purchase 14 minutes ($28.00) and get a 10 minute call for FREE.
I look forward to getting red hot with you soon. Please don't forget my schedule (Tuesday thru Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 5p.m. CST)
Love and Wet Smacks
(click me for my free adult site)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Little Two Girl Action for Ya

I love incentive time!!! I love challenging you, myself and my girlfriends in some friendly competition.

This Thursday (February 5th) ONLY it is Two Girl Love time.

If you are a phone bone expert, you have been getting two girl love for some time now. If you are a newbie, what better way to test your skills at managing two hot boxes? Or maybe just to give yourself a naughty little treat. I have paired up with my girl Samantha (yes click her name, you know you want to look) and offering a hot ass two girl special. Chat or email either one of us for the details and to hear what awesome discount we will be offering with this Two Girl Love theme. Get in line and look at our pics for your "fluffer". Any nasty, naughty, taboo roleplay you can imagine. Sisters, boss, naughty young school girls, dominatrix and submissive, humiliation, dress up and sooooo much more. Don't miss out. I know I will be rewarding the top caller who can be man enough to get two hot fuck toys off on Thursday. Remember, Heaven and Samantha want to kindle, light and ignite all your naughty fantasies!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Submission and Humiliation

I recently had a call that was very different. I enjoy the different calls. I will only call him Master. Master calls me and starts to ask me what I look like. I tell him I am 5'5", big creamy 36C tits, firm white skin with a few freckles. Blue eyes and long red hair. Master asks what I like to wear when I go out, or wish to feel sexy. I mentioned black. He then prepares me for his desires. Dropping swiftly to the floor on my knees, hands clasped behind my back, placed along the indentation above my ass, chest pushed up, hips forward. Such a pretty little spectacle. Master produces a blindfold. Places it over my eyes. Asking for trust. I feel Masters fingertips on my skin. The touch inflames me. Just to have Masters' attention is making my breath faster. I feel the leather corset encircle me, the coolness and firmness of the material giving me goosebumps. The ties cinch tighter and tighter with every pull of his hands. My tits are pushed so far up and my exposed nipple are hard. I can feel it. My toes instinctively point when I feel the nylons slipping over them. Smoothly he pulls the silky material up and over my knee. His big hands licking flames against my pussy as he pulls it up and smooth over my thigh. Attaching it easily to the garters attached to the leather corset. By the time I feel both stockings and my foot sliding into a very high arched stiletto I am dripping wet and panting. Master admires his dressings as he slides his cock into my mouth. My mouth stretched open and so eager to please him. He slips his hand down the corset and his fingers press open my dripping wetness. Placing a finger in my pussy he demands UP! How awkward and embarassing as I try to teeter up onto those stilettos. I can not hold on to him. He walks me quickly like a pony across the room only his fingers buried in my cunt. I know I turned pink in shame. Which was to his total enjoyment. I could hear the smirk and satisfaction in his voice. Then he pulls the blindfold from my eyes. When I see myself I am disgusted. PINK. Inches and inches of pink. Nylons, corset and even the heels are shiny girly pink. I am totally embarassed to be dressed so pathetically girly. He sees the tears of anger and embarassment well up in my eyes. Master chuckles, completely amused. Dumb bitch. As I sob, he humiliates me for his enjoyment. He reaches for my face, kisses my forehead, my nose and eyelids. I slowly start to feel relief that his game may be over. He places his lips close to mine, I can only wait for his instructions. Kiss me. We kiss. His warm tongue boils the juices in me again. He pulls away, my eyes still closed I am alarmed by the slap. Sucking in all my breath and the tears hidden behind closed eyes. Would you like another kiss? Yes Master. The kiss, the slap, harder. Each time sweeter kiss, harder slap.....building him up. He loves the sound of cries. Feeling the total control and even the superiority to a girl so stupid to take his kiss KNOWING she will be slapped. But she feed him too. Letting him have that superiority and knowing she is only for his pleasure. Master gave me the ultimate gift of orgasm for being his submissive. The gratification of feeling and tasting him in his most vulnerable. Do you ever want to feel superior? Or do you ever wish to be controlled? Find out about yourself with exploration of the safest form. Ahhhh I love my job.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Blog from Your Friendly Neighborhood PhoneSex Girl

Another blog from your friendly neighborhood phone sex girl.....weeeeeeee!!! I got a big surprise the other day when my very favorite male friend came a calling. He brought with him a surprise for me. While he was concentrating on giving me some delicious oral satisfaction, he pulled from his bag of tricks, a purple double headed dildo - you know the real flesh like kind - and proceeded to fuck me with the thing. While expertly sucking at my clit and slowly shoving and pulling that dildo into me....I rolled my eyes back and came. I would just like to say...that if you have not done this for your SHOULD. Double-headed you say!!!! For what purpose if you do not have another lady around?? Well, for starters - it is longer than your average dildo. Yummy. And for you naughty boys, maybe put your mouth around the opposite end while it is pushed inside. Maybe (and don't freak out boys) use the other end for yourself while giving your girl some fun. Yes yes, men love to get that spot rubbed inside as well. So, get your ass to the local adult toy store and have some fucking fun. Explore, delve and do something naughty t0 each other. Hell, do something naughty to yourself. Maybe call me and let's have some naughty fun together. I would love to hear what you boys love. Special little tricks that a girl can do to pull your chain. where is that toy of mine....later -

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome to 2009

I swear, getting through the holidays is overwhelming. I am so glad that all the "buy me stuff" days have ended and we can get back to having some fun. This is the beginning of my third year entertaining the men in my life. I am hoping with this blog and our new site (which you can access by going to MY page first - giggle - that I will continue to entertain all of my favorites and talk with some new ones. I suppose some of my favorite calls are still mutual masturbation, age play, and my first time. But, if you look at my blog entitled "Types of Calls", there are still so many to choose from. Pick one, let's have some fucked up fantasy fun. I am waiting for a callers to call and say he wants to come home and catch me sucking his young son. Roleplay taking me out to a fancy place only to find out I have to help "pay" for dinner. Kitchen orgy anyone? Then there are times I just want a performing cock. Stuff my panties in your mouth and just stroke it would you? Get a melon, jizz all inside it's warm interior then let me force feed it to my sweet little sister. LOL. Oh I am depraved once you get me started. I want to take this time to offer a sweet little special for ANYONE who can pay for it. Purchase a 15 minute call and get 10 additional minutes for free! That is a $50.00 value for only.....$30.00!! Use it all at once or break it into 2 calls. Continuing from now until the end of January. When you call me at 888*823*6127 mention you saw the special on my blog. I look forward to all of my new friends and I cherish all my current friends. Muah.