Thursday, August 12, 2010

Has it Been Too Long?

Someone mentioned to me the other day that I hadn't blogged in a while.  Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day.

Today tho, he called me.  He runs home from work - just dying to burst.  His fantasies...not unusual.  He wants to fuck his sister in law.  Fantasizes about her - her smell, her taste, how her tits look hanging and naked.

Being a pso it is challenging to a degree to patiently listen to every man's demands.  I find myself becoming pissy about the whole thing.  See, yesterday I had a birthday.  I did get a few happy birthdays but was shuned by some of those I consider friends.  How sad to not be told happy birthday or to get more demands when it was actually MY day.  So the pissy attitude about the men I cater to not loving me back was still present when he im'd me.  Further to make me pissy - his demands to perform.  I know I do!  So today he wanted to know what to bring.  Lube and rubberbands.  When he started stroking his cock I asked him if he had the lube.  Yes...well too fucking bad, leave it lie. 
Teasing and thrilling him with images to invade his mind, I directed him to tell me how he was stroking his cock.  Once full with blood he was instructed to pull on the first rubber band.  That cock was staying hard and with the bands much more difficult to cum.  I pulled tits from lacy bras, fingers sliding into silky panties, even offering up the fingers that so sweetly stroked my pussy only to suck them off myself.  Letting him feel the breath from my mouth against his cock, wanting so badly to force it in.  I laid back on the floor and fully fucked my pussy with my fingers.  Directed him to his knees to rub it gently against my cunt lips.  Forcing him to tie on another band.  Make it SNAP so I can hear it. OW - yea it hurts huh?  Fucker.

He begged, I asked for more, he begged.  I let him push the head into my creamy wet pussy.  I pulled my knees back, placed my feet on his chest and forced his cock out.  Stroke it!  No pussy for you.  He begged...I gave in to let him fuck her pussy until he came.  Grinning at the mess we had made I instructed him to clean up before he let the bands loose.  Figure a few more minutes of blood stuffed into his spent cock was a nice reminder.  Such a dirty boy!