Thursday, September 22, 2011


Do you wanna be my dog?  WOOF

Seriously tho, I am intrigued by this whole thing.  I have been a part of the PhoneSexKingdom family for a while now.  I love this "job"  I have a caller that at first was a typically normal jerk off session.  I was sparked a hint of great enthusiasm when I told him I was going to lick his ass.  As I directed him where I wanted him to go it became clear to me he was indeed an assplay boy.  The second call was more intense.  Touching his own ass, sliding his fingers into it.  When he came this time he was told to lick his fingers.  Such a filthy boy.  I like em like that.  Again he calls.  He tells me "Heaven you made me lick my cum and I have never done that before."  The idea was implanted.  He brought it up.  He also uses giftcards and there is a process in that.  Deciding to stop and get that card.  Knowing full well he will be using it to call me.  Standing there across from the clerk who is ringing it up his cock is throbbing, thinking of what Miss Heaven might make him do today.  He thanks the older woman at the counter.  Wondering if she somehow KNOWS he is using that card to call a dirty little angel who wants him to eat his cum.  This call he admits to having panties that he stole.  We suck them, we sniff them, we wrap them around his cock and pump his cum right out.  Fingers jammed deep in his ass, rubbing deep into that wicked tight hole.  I think he is trying to aim it right at his face he is so hungry for his own cum.  Did someone ring a bell???  The next call proved that indeed he was salivating.

He calls, again saying, "you always make me eat my cum".  He has purchased the card.  He has the panties, he is naked, lying on the floor surrounded by pillows.  The preparation he takes great care to get exactly what he wants.  The whole morning probably he thought of doing this with me today.  So much has the ringing of the bell made him salivate - he has taken one more step.  "Heaven, I bought a dildo today"  Squeals with delight for sure from me.  He said he probably couldn't take the whole thing.  With the used panties licked, sucked and spit in, he stroked his dick with the panties he found from a girl that had sex in them.  Sticky and wet.  I told him to rub it all over his face to smell that dirty girl.  Squirting the lube onto his balls and ass as he laid on the floor.  Feet most definitely up.  I directed my babe to stuff the entire pair of panties in his mouth.  Muffled sounds were louder.  He was jerking, throbbing and aching.  Probably remembering what his cum taste like, my little dog that I treasure stuffed that dildo into his tender "virgin???" ass.  Fucking it so hard he shot right across his cheek and lips. 

I planted more seeds and look forward to next week when his ears will be standing at attention and he will be drooling at my feet.  Such a good dog.

Your loving Angel,