Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You're Invited!

Greetings and salutations mother fuckers.  Morning brings out the best in me, don't you agree?  I sit her in my panties, sipping an Oh so good for me Dr. Pepper, tonguing a "peace" pipe, envying my dogs who are stretched out on the kitchen floor cooled tiles and think of ways to entertain you.  ALL OF YOU, from the simply sweetest men who sit and read me while slightly rubbing their cocks, sipping coffee and fondly thinking of what my tits look like in the sunshine of their kitchen windows to the freaks of nature who jack off in their coffee, have porn on 24/7 and can't get through the weekend with a big stiff one in their ass.  I love all my wicked little monsters.  That is why I do this.  I get up from my desk, pull my panties out of my gorgeous thick ass and ponder...............who is gonna call me first today?

It is always a surprise, a gift.  See, I have been "working" for PhoneSexKingdom for a while - and I still get excited when the phone rings.  Some mornings I get to bend over my couch and give myself a spanking for my spanker.  I love the times I get to speak to my BPFF (best phone fuck forever) who takes me deep into the recess of unnatural, taboo play.  Sometimes I even wield my power and caffeine high on sweet panty boys who desperately want to NOT make a wet spot on their panties, but as I am finding out, they always do.  Pfft. 

The wicked little adventures start when you take the time to visit us www.phonesexkingdom.com - look around, check out the pages, each one of them offering another spectacular feast for your pathetically perverted eyes, your meat monster throbbing against what seems to be your inner ear - "read more, click more, find more......rawr, pussy, rawr, ass, rawr she talks dirty to ME, ME< MEEEEEEEEE!!!  Come find out why our girls rock every single cock every single day, right to the splash ending.  Go find your match - LOL - there is one for all of you wicked, dirty monsters.  Sometimes even two, three or fourteen.  I don't mind sharing, as long as precious, sweet, mean tempered, raunchy, loving, devoted, adorable, wicked, filthy little Heaven is involved some way.

Awwww my 90 pound lab is barking in his sleep, I wonder if all dogs dream of sex like we do.

Your Favorite Wicked Angel,
Oh yea, like it is hard to find out where I am on the Kingdom
I am the sweet and innocent redhead (cough, oooo I snorted Dr. Pepper)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Get In Tune you Animal

You and I both know that there is no rules as to when, how or why we get turned on.  We all have our own little buttons that trigger our animal lust.  Is it a song?  The one that was playing when we fucked for the first time? The one that was blaring on the speakers at the house party while you were hid out in the closet fingering the hot, drunk girl?  Is it a sight?  Girls in bikinis, women in stockings, painted on red lips, the time you saw me smoking, the little round "O" my mouth made sucking it's tip?  Is it a memory?  Those hot lesbian girls kissing in front of you, seeing your sisters tits, taking a strap on, a pussy filled so full the edges of her lips are achingly stretched?  Perhaps even the sound of me fucking myself with my favorite vibrator - better yet - fucking myself just for you.  My animal audience.  The beast within you calls for, aches for, throbs just for.........Me.

I AM the wickedly fun angel you have been craving, even if you didn't know it ---- yet.  Is there really a rule in your book of Animal Desire that teaches you only to fulfill your aching needs at night?  A world so paranoid of seeing it's own animal shadow that we dress it down in ties and slacks, buttons and bows, tightly bound breast and polite banter.  It makes me pout thinking of all you are depriving yourself of.  The liberation of your own animal desires.  Being who you truly are.  A fucking sexual deviant.  A man on the prowl to capture the attention, hunger and desire of every woman with a pulsing throb between her ears and legs.  I invite you - hidden tiger - to come out and play.  Play in the warm sunshine, the exposing truth of light, to satiate your need of morning explosions - I dare you, no I double dare you to try a new approach.  One where the beginning of your day, the middle of your stress filled afternoon be given the opportunity to change for the better.  Orgasms are powerful and have the ability to totally change your outlook on life.  Want to be more productive and happier doing the shit the boss wants from you???  Get your daytime fix of the sweetest little wicked angel of the Kingdom.  If I have stirred your thoughts with words, imagine the possibilities when our two worlds collide.

Loving every fucking minute of it half dressed, hair a muss and freshly fucked - care to join me?



Monday, May 16, 2011

Look Who Finally ReLaunched

Well we finally did it. Relaunched our site PhoneSexKingdom.com

We are still working it, adding to it and managing to bring you the best phonesex you could ever hope to find. Check out our available ladies, some a new, some are your fav's and even a few have come back to play again. One thing you NEVER have to worry about here at PhoneSexKingdom is your confidentiality. Whether you want to play with just one or many, we never share your personal information and your "whoring" around will always be welcomed. Come by and check us out. Each girls individual page has her schedule and several ways to contact her. Of course, you want to keep in touch with the sweetest little angel right? Chat me, email me or just give me a call. I would love to get back into bed with you and remember exactly why I love getting off with you.

Your Loving Busy Little Business Woman Angel