Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Do You Know How to Have fun?

Well, the 4th of July is over and now all that remains is one marshmallow left over from smores, a lot of red, white and blue paper, some burnt up punks, and a pile of empty beer bottles.  But it was fun while it lasted.  Now back to some serious work.

I love my job and as I mentioned earlier, I have been in the adult entertainment business for a little while now.  I want to share with you ----  I used to work in a little private club called Pamela's.  In this club there are two private rooms, a hot tub, a handful of sexy girls and it promises an "all nude" atmosphere.  In our down time us girls, dressed in various forms and items, but all of us used to our nudity, would play what we called "toilet paper football".  See, on the hot tub was this giant tarp we were responsible for covering the tub with in the mornings.  We used to pull it down our dark, nicely painted and decorated hallway.  Close all the adjoining doors, put pillows in front of the floor to ceiling mirrors and wave to the camera in the hallway.  A basketful of toilet paper would be placed at either end.  Charisma - so properly named, the little deviant of the group, would grab bottles of baby oil, also a staple in our club, and squirt the tarp liberally.  So the game would begin.  I don't think we ever kept score but we would throw these rolls of toilet paper to one side and the girl that caught the paper would run, or attempt to, down the oily tarp.  Tackles were the most fun and before you knew it you were laughing, soaked in oil, your ass mark on the mirror and that beautiful hairdo now an oily mess.  You could not help but want to become a part of this fun.  Ahhh the ploy.  When guys would come into Pamela's first thing they see if a lobby, with a window.  They step up to the window and the door opening causes the doorbell to ring.  Now the bosses loved you to be modelesque.  Very pretty lingerie, hair, nails, gloss, perfection.  To speak well and entice with your skills.  But come to find out when two or three really oily, mascara running, hair stuck to your forehead, laughing their asses off, playing grab ass and such came to the window - almost every time cover fees were paid and shows were bought and playtime=moneymaking ensued.  I only share this to prove a fact.  It isn't if you win or lose, it is how much fun you have playing the game.  Men don't need perfection ladies, they need fun and a sense of adventure.  So stop complaining about what you don't have, what you have lost over the years, no one's ass stays perfect forever, and just get out there, jump right in and enjoy it.  Stop doing a disservice by faking it.  If sex looked great everytime we did it, we would all be pornstars.  Just a thought shared by your favorite little phone bone angel.  Heaven