Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is the cold stuff gone???

Damn, I think I have managed to hibernate a full fucking season. I am sorry guys, I hate the cold. My toes, my nose, my tits, my ass all freeze up and all I wanna do is be in my huge comfy bed. Yea, I got it last year?? year before. Big Uber King size bed. pillow top. Nice thick wood, surrounding the mattress - and quite frankly, in my bed too. I have soft flannel sheets on it. I have a heating blanket...mmmmm yum. Lots of pillows and a huge, fluffy faux fur blanket on top. SWEET! I am sorry pets for being so over indulgent, lying naked in that bed. Fucking in that bed. Sleeping with panties on....legs spread, hair tousseled, wavy down my naked back. Waking to a hard cock, rubbing it between my sleep heated thighs. Fuck, yea I am super sorry....that I wasn't around for you. Shame you didn't just pick up the phone. Call my number and tell me you wanted to fuck around with me. I can tell you a filthy story, playing under my comfy, warm covers. I could have slipped you under the covers with me, listening to my pound, spank, rub and torture my sweet pink pussy. Fuck right, spank it, finger it you dirty little bitch. I coulda slid my big fat dick right into my holes. You standing over me, underneath me, on top of me, inside my mouth, tonguing my ass, slurpin my piss, spanking my ass, biting my tits, tying me down, watching me fuck some cunt with a strap on, forcing her to take your cock in her ass.......DAMMIT, you boys always forget there is sooooo fucking much that turns me on. I know it turns you on too. You just forgot to be fucking good to yourself. Come on, don't you want to stroke with a filthy bitch? You do. I'll be in that comfy bed waiting.