Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloweenie Special

Come on - what the fuck are you waiting for? You have dirty desires to fill up every hole I have. Sweet, red, plump and juicy. Listen as I squish my pussy lips between my fingers. Stroke as you hear me stuffing it full of thick dildo. Squirt as I gag all over that cock. Anything you want, I can be manipulated into. No taboos, no limits. The filthier the better.

Trick or treat - lick my fucking feet - Get down on your knees and eat my sweet meat!

Halloweenie Special until the end of October. Buy a very unlucky 13 minutes get 7 very lucky minutes for FREE!

Come on perv - what are you waiting for???? To not be thinking of fucking my sweet round ass?

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Heaven - the Muse

So I was talking to a favorite (yes I have a lot of them) of mine.  He is delicious.  His intelligence is what makes him even more sexy.  A performer, a man in tune with his artistic side.  Beautiful curly red hair.  Nice voice and fun.  So he had to go to piano class the other night.  How was it?  Boring he says.  I was telling him how I love a man playing piano.  The idea of him sitting at his piano.  Frustrated.  Shirt off, sweating, red curls sticking to the back of his neck and forehead.  I was watching, in the dark.  Banging at his piano but obviously out of sorts.  I am stroking my panties, biting my lip, watching him.  I adore the look of a big man pouring his soul out through his fingers.  He turns to look into the empty theater, hearing something.  I take my chance.

Start walking towards the stage.  Trembling in my short red dress.  He asks me to join him on his bench.  I catch him staring at my thighs.  I take his hand from the ivory keys and place it between my thighs.  Squeezing it there so he can feel the heat from within my panties.  I stand and sit upon his keys, making a few notes into the still air.  I pull the straps on my dress exposing my tits.  Full, pale, with hard nipples.  He leans in and begins to suck them.  Spreading my legs, arching my back and lying back against the piano I rub against him.  Grabbing his thick, wet hair in my hand I push him between my thighs.  Pushing his tongue past my panties he is making me wet.  Cupping my ass, grinding me into his mouth like I was quenching his thirst.  I push him back, reach down for his cock and release it from his jeans.  I wrap my legs around him, feeling his sweaty chest against my stomach.  I take his lips against my mouth, sucking his tongue.  As I suck he pushes into me.  Fucking me right there on his piano.  Gripping my ass hard, thrusting deep and hard.  Hurting oh so good.  My cunt wrapped around his cock, his hands in my hair, pulling and forcing deeper and deeper.  Faster until he makes me cum all over his cock.  Biting his tender pale neck he grunts deep, cumming so hard my ass presses into the ivory keys.  He collapses on top of me, both of us shaking.  His fingers gliding across me, feeling his soul as he smiles.

Now he must always remember our time every time he sits at that piano.

Your Adoring Angel,

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not Such a Nice Day for a White Wedding

Last week was full of fun and twisted taboo secrets.  Do I love what I do?  Hell Yea!  I really do think I give a great call.  My laundry basket full of sticky panties tells me I do love it.  I would like to encourage YOU to give it a try.  I bet you would be surprised.

Anywho,  I got a call from one of my favs.  The reason he is one of my favs is his ability to transfer us both to a fantasy world.   Don't get me wrong, I love the guys I can render speechless and all you hear is the furious beating of their cocks and lungs.  The impact from a bended, masochistic, torturous, humiliating tear lover can take even me, over the top.

So, it is my wedding day.  My glorious day to shine.  A vision in white from head to toe.  Sparkling beads, luscious lace and tight corset underneath.  Stockings, garters, panties...all virginal.  Deep red hair piled atop my head.  A strapless designer gown.  No expense is spared as all my bridesmaids buzz around me.  Soft, beautiful, sweet and a gift wrapped expensively for my husband to be.  Everyone is my servant today.  It is MY day.
As I admire how innocent and lovely I look in the mirror a voice, deep and conniving, says "Hello Heaven"  Goosebumps cover my flesh.  As I spin around to see who it is, a fear shoots up my spine.  I have a pretty good idea who it is.  He stands there feigning his admiration for my dress.  "What the fuck are you doing here?"  He chuckles.  Seems he didn't get his invite, because I didn't send it.  No room for the past when you are trying to collect a future.

"You need to leave, I am not letting you ruin this day for me."  Ruin darling?  Now how could I do that?  I only want everyone to know the truth.  The truth about you.  I look to my friends, my bridesmaids, but they all seem to have that far away look, whistling and looking everywhere but at me.  He chuckles that slimy little chuckle again.  What?  Who do you think let me know of this little charade of yours???  They are all in on this.  We are sick of your bullshit Heaven and your little innocent facade you are pulling.  He kisses me, I real back in disgust.  He clenches me closer...feeling his breath on my face.  What's the matter my little slut?  Don't you want to play?

I learned long ago that No was his favorite word.  It made his blood simmer, his eyes glow and his cock hard.  He spins me around and his hands make his way under my designer gown.  I gasp as his fingers slide expertly into my virginal panties.  My eyes firing at every bridesmaid to help me.  They all settle in for the show.  One, my best friend, smirks.  Digging into her bag.  He lifts my gown over my head and says, you have a choice my dear Heaven.....I can go out there and tell your fiance' about all our fuck parties, orgies and your gulping on my cock with your best friends strap on in your cunt OR you can take this butt plug into your ass and walk down that pristine aisle to greet your husband to be with it lodge for the whole ceremony.  No, no I don't want either.  Fuck you.  Damn the chuckles.  My best friend helps him drop me to the floor and he asks again.  Teasing my asshole with the toy.  I struggle and beg no.  Wet or dry Heaven, wet or dry?  If you let me shove it in dry, oh it will hurt.  If I lube it up, while you have enough ass muscles to keep it in place so it doesn't flop out on the floor?  Wet or dry Heaven?  I cry, knowing I can't escape.  If I don't choose my fiance' will find out what a whore I have been.  He thinks I am a virgin!  Dry, I beg.  It pushes and pulls against my delicate asshole.  Dragging ever so slowly in.  Pushing, I cry.  It seems to take forever - stretching and tearing my ass.  Finally lodging past those muscles.  The bridesmaids whisper and giggle.

He tweaks my clit.  Offers up his next humiliation.  Pulling his cock from his pants and rubbing it against my face.  I turn away.  He cups my face and slaps a huge pink welt on my cheek.  Suck it!  Crying and reeling from the tight stinging in my ass, my guest only feet away in the chapel.  I open my mouth and take his familiar cock in.  Sucking, crying, and gagging on his cock.  My best friend cupping his balls and rubbing my pink innocent lipstick all over cock.  Both of them completely enjoying themselves.  He laughs, she laughs as he pushes me off his cock.  Spit strings pulling from my lips and his cock head.  My best friend smooths my hair, He takes a wipe at my mouth, removing the rest of my light pink lipstick.  He asks my best friend for a lipstick to reapply to my quivering swollen lips.  You must look your best Heaven.

He opens the tube of scarlet red and begins to apply it to my lips.  Shaking but thinking it is over.  My debt paid, I pucker.  He applies it thin, than thick and thicker still.  I am disgusted.  I am so embarrassed, but come to find out...not quite enough.  He starts to write on my exposed chest S - L - U - T.  In large letters.  I am furious!  Knowing I won't have enough time to get rid of the letters.  Even wiped off they will show.  He snarls and kneels upon my chest.  Furiously rubbing his cock between my tits.  Smearing the scarlet red all over my chest.  He rubs and jerks and spews his cum all over my tits.  Smearing his cum with the scarlet red.  Marking me as his slut.  And deep down, even after marrying this perfect man, I knew he would be back for more.

Not Such a Virgin,