Thursday, February 16, 2012

way too funny

Life is full of fucked up shit, drama and well a little too much reality.  I just want to make you feel good for a while.  Escape, relax, be a man.  Fuck I don't care what we talk about.  I do, but not really.  I just want to listen, hear what you gotta say.  Make it be all about you.  For a change.  No reason to tell you about my amazing REAL 36 D tits.  Probably doesn't even matter if I mention my carpet definitely matches the drapes.  I would bet you don't even care that I have actually been a collared sub, a stripper, a fetish club worker, i've tortured cocks for fun, i have given 100's of oil rub downs to random men, i have been in many types of threesomes, sucked cocks in video arcades and dated my mom's older lesbian lover.  There ya go, now you are thinking of me in some fucked up kinky shit aren't you.  good, good, my plan is working.

But there I go again, come on Heaven - lighten up.  And anyone who has called me knows that is exactly how i approach it.  Naturally, with a big ass smile on my face.  My favorite thing is to just go with it, have fun.  I still say that laughter and orgasms are a key product to be enjoyed in life.  Should be on that fucking fda recommended dosage chart.

Call me and get a dose of something really fucking good for you, and if you don't need it, fuck me, I do....please give to a worthy cause. LOL LOL

Your quirky little fuck angel,