Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fetish of the Day - Narratophilia


A sexual fetish, my favorite kinds are always sexual.  Even ones that don't seem sexual to you can cause immense arousal in others.  Today the fetish is something each and every one of you is guilty of pleasuring yourself in.  Narratophilia is when the tellingor listening of dirty and obscene words or stories to a partner is sexually arousing.

Words. The Narratophiliac - now you know what to call yourself - gets their naughty bits aroused when the language they use, hear, or read, is obscene. They may seek stimulation from a partner talking dirty, from erotic literature, poetry, jokes, stories, audio tape, or phone sex. *tsk tsk, did they say Phonesex?? 

In some cases, sexual stimulation can’t be achieved without an erotic story or language. On even other occasions reaching orgasm without physically stroking, touching.  There is indeed even the truth that without even physically seeing or touching the other person listening or delivering the obscene.  The fine art of the word and control, I love these kinds of calls.  It really jazzes and juices my cotton candy knowing you want me so badly

Narrotophilia is more frequently reported by men, but women can also find themselves getting their juices flowing when jabbed with the right words....or a well placed vibrator when orchestrating the whole show for you.  I ♥ you guys!  Now let's have a little therapy.


All the wicked angel you need


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