Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Did Someone Write ME a Story?

So, I have my bpff (best phone fuck forever) and we have talked for years now.  I love him so.  We have gotten to know a lot about each other over that time.  Being in a long time relationship is possible with a girl like me.  I am here all the time, I listen, I support, I nurture and torture.  I mean I am pretty close to an "online girlfriend" really.  I say happy birthday, celebrate milestones, feel bad when you are sick and cheer you up when you feel down.  Not to mention the phone fucking is pretty fantastic too. LOL --- so ...... it started with a simple enough weekend.  Wife is away shopping and my dear little pet is home.  Instructed not to unload his cock for a few days prior to the weekend.  Saturday rolls around and he is instructed to look at pictures and videos of his favorite girl, husband included.  To rub and entice, but not fully stroke his naked cock.  He then had to write me a story of a nasty roleplay he plays in his head when it comes to his favorite girl (not his wife) and husband.  Then he is forced to watch porn of my choice (geared towards his fantasy) still not being able to unload.  Once he has wrote the story and describe the porn he is watching to my satisfaction he can unload his cock.  But he must unload while fucking his ass and then send me a pic of his tongue coated in his own cum.  Definitely worth every agonizing minute.

His story begins:

(I get a text on my phone)
Sandy:  Call me the very second you're not with Julie.
(I tell Julie that my friend needs me because he just found out his wife was messing around and I'll be back later and I go for a drive and call)
Sandy:  Hey (sounding pissed off)
Me:  What's up?
Sandy:  Look Mike's not home today or tonight and I really need to talk to you.
Me:  Everything okay?
Sandy: No, just get here please?
Me:  On my way.
(Drives to Sandy's house, She meets me at the front door in a long tshirt and a thong, messy hair, and looks like she's been crying)
Me: What the fuck?  Are you okay?
Sandy:  No
Me:  wanna tell me what's going on?
Sandy (not able to look up at me):  I can't believe you sent a phone sex operator a picture of Mike and I.
Me:  What?!  that's not true.
Sandy:  She told me Drew.  After I found out I was online.
Me: anyone could pull that picture off of facebook!
W:  Seriously Drew?  she told me everything.  Tammy, Mike, and that you had a little thing with that bitch Marcy at work.
(I turn red)
W:  We can't be friends anymore.
Me:  (dropping to a knee) Anything, seriously?  I'm so fucking sorry, but it's the only way I can have you, in my fantasies.  You know I'd do anything
W: I have a possible solution.  Knowing what a bitch you are, I had this great idea.  Get the fuck to my bedroom.
(I walk upstairs, excited, and enter her room to see that I will most definitely be tied up to that bed.)
Me:  What are you going to do to me?
W:  Make you my little ass slut.
Me:  you know I want that though.
W (winks):  I know.  Take those clothes off and get face down, ass up for me to tie you up.
(Sandy ties me up, wrists to the bed posts.  I am in doggy position and she blindfolds me.)
W: so you want a big strapon?
Me (so hard and turned on):  not too big, my ass is virgin (laughs)
W:  I don't think you get a choice.  Mike's cock is about 9" and his friend Gary's is about 8".
Me: (looking back at her even though the blindfold doesn't let  me see) who give a fuck about their cocks?
(I hear people walking in the hallway)
Me:  Sandy?  Who the fuck is here?
Mike:  Sandy isn't here you mother fucker.
Gary:  She went to pick up your wife.  She convinced Julie that she needed to meet up and chat about things.
Mike:  So she'll be coming back with Julie in about 20 minutes.  If you're a good boy and get us both to cum by then, we'll get you out of here before they get back.  If not, she'll get to see her little whore husband.
Gary:  by the way, we're videoing this, so don't ever fuck up again or we'll send it to work, home, your parents, everyone.
Me:  so you can untie my arms, I'm sure I could give you both good quick handjobs.
(they laugh) 
Mike:  no, just ass and mouth and Gary never cums from blowjobs so he's going to start in your mouth.
(Mike spits on my asscrack)
Mike:  Ready you little bitch?
(before I can answer he jams his entire cock up my ass and I scream in pain)
Me:  Fuck!  stop!
(they laugh again and Gary has started slapping his cock on my nose but I can't see it coming with the blindfold.  Mike is pounding me and making cowboy wooohooos and hee haws)
Me:  Gary put it in my mouth, hurry, I have to get out of here.
(I hear a female laugh)
Me:  who is that?!
Julie:  me honey, watching you get what you deserve.  fucking cheater.
(I try to free my arms freaking out but Gary headlocks me and Mike punches the back of my head)
Mike:  Sit still and take it or we'll edit this video to make you look like you're begging for it.  (laughing)  you already said "Gary put it in my mouth, hurry"  You'll have no friends ever if we send it out so you'll keep doing as we say.
(they take my blindfold off and I see Julie and Sandy taking turns on Gary's cock in their mouth)
Me:  What the fuck Julie?
Julie:  I've been with them for years,we just didn't really like you.  Now you look like the cutest little slut ever.  Mike, you like fucking his bitch ass?
Mike:  not as nice as yours.  Gary your turn.
(he pulls out of me and goes over to Julie.  she gets on all fours and he pushes into her ass)
Gary:  I'd rather double team Julie with you for his viewing pleasure.
Sandy:  I'll fuck the whore. 
(Sandy takes a dildo and starts jamming it in me.  Julie is moaning in ecxtasy.
Julie:  Make it hurt Sandy.  How about a cock and a dildo?
(Mike gets up)
Sandy:  isn't this what you always wanted??  to be fucked by Mike and I?  Just never thought you'd be watching Julie get fucked too huh?
(Gary is pumping away at Julie.  She's watching my torture and loving it)
Julie:  Gary, when you come, cover is mouth.
(Mike pushes back into me and Sandy slides the dildo in on top of his cock.  The pain is unbearbable and Im biting the bed)
Mike:  Fucking pillow biter (laughs)
(Gary stand up and Julie follows him to my head.  She's stroking his cock in front of my face.)
Julie:  you're about to take a man's load Drew.  say you want it.
Me:  I want it. (I turn my head and Gary loads all over my ear.  Julie slaps my head and the starts scooping it up and rubbing it on my mouth)
Julie: Thanks for a great fuck Gar, I'm out of here.  Have for fucking way with him.  and Drew, don't come home.
(Mike and Sandy continue to plow my ass and Mike reaches around can grabs my hard cock.)
Mike:  Hey Gary, this bitch is hard.  I bet he wants Sandy to suck him off.
(I smile for the first time)
Mike:  She's wont, but I know you will.
(Sandy goes to sit on a chair in the corner.  I watch her masturbate to Mike pounding me with his huge cock and Gary sucking my cock deep.  Gary feels so good despite how I feel about it and with Mikes pounding, my cock is about to explode.)
Me:  oh fuck (I gasp)
(shoot a huge load into Gary's mouth)
Gary:  you're going to love the taste of yourself.
(Sandy comes over and kisses him taking my entire load and then moves to my face.)
Mike:  you know you've been just dying to kiss her, do it.
(Gary brings the camera closer and Mike pulls out moving his cock to my face)
Mike:  honey, dump that cum in his mouth and i'm about to cover his face)
(Sandy kisses me with sticky hotness as Mike unloads all over my cheek and eye and  up to my hair).
(Sandy breaks our kiss)
Sandy:  What a cute little cum whore.  since you can't go home, we might just keep you.
(all three leave laughing)
Gary (down the hall):  Looks like Julie can be mine now.
I hope you love it.  I've been rock hard for the last 2 hours watching porn and typing this.  now a break to return later as you've instructed.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Incest is Such a Dirty Word

No, it isn't for everyone. Sisters, mothers, brothers, cousins. If you have ever fantasized about the sweet young virgin growing up in your presence then maybe it is for you. Do you watch young girl - hell they barely look too young don't they. Long mascara coated eyelashes, plump always shiny lips, tits firm, perky, tight, ass so round it makes you weak. You can only imagine how sweet that little pink kitten is. Never fucked or tainted. Asshole so pink you would love to stretch it open and around your cock. Tightest fuck you could ever imagine or hope to have.

Let me sit in your lap daddy. We will cover up with a blanket so nobody knows that you secretly pet my little kitten and whisper in my ear how much daddy thinks I am a good girl. When you touch it in the center and push in a little, I squirt on your hand. Because my little kitten is playful and excited.

Want to do what others find so filthy? I do.

Your Wicked Little Age Play Toy