Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can We Get a Vote Please?

Can you take a moment of your time and hit out link and vote?  Go to PhoneSexKingdom - no need to Enter (well not until you voted anyways!) - scroll to the bottom and the very first blinking box is for Phone Sex Central!  Click it, enter a code and YOU have voted.  Comment and I will send you a special little gift for helping out!

Your Loving Vote Grubbing Angel,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Think Someone Likes Me

So I was chit chatting the other day with a exhibitionist - at least that is what I gathered. He says he loves to get naughty pics of girls and then film himself jerking his thick, shaved, nice mushroom headed cock over them. Since I always had a little fetish about guys shooting their cum wads all over my pics, I encouraged him to show me something.

I would upload the video but Blogspot says it is offensive. I think it is fantastic and will be watching it again. Want to watch it with me or make memories of your own? This hot little redheaded slut wants MORE!

Your Jerk Off Material Angel,

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Have I Seen It All?

Well Happy New Year to All.  I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.  I was chit chatting with one of my favorite callers.  He has a thing for a coworker and also a sister in law.  He was obviously upset when he said, I can't find my wife's vibe anywhere!  I think she threw it out.  Oh hell.  What can I use now?
So, I suggested candles, fruits, mag flash light (very evil grin).  Then I started looking around and found this

Now that is a juicy pocket pussy.  I think imagination has taken over in the sex toy department.  Some toys are very expensive, and as I already know, some are toxic.  Don't use the colored jelly "novelty" items without a condom.  If you are planning insertion make sure your toys are phthalate free.  Don't ask me to pronounce the word, just know burns like a mother fucker after some time from the phthalate chemicals leaking out.  Came up with a whole new fetish there.  Ice Packed Pussy.  Drink Up Baby.
I want to share a website dedicated to home made sex toys.
Even has a link of Baby Toy/Sex Toy?  which was quite entertaining.  Enjoy!  By all means, if you have made or make a toy, please share a pic with me.  Even a call to use with me!  More Daring???  Place a call, get on cam and show me how you work that homemade toy!

Your Do It Yourself Angel,