Friday, July 15, 2011

Incest is Such a Dirty Word

No, it isn't for everyone. Sisters, mothers, brothers, cousins. If you have ever fantasized about the sweet young virgin growing up in your presence then maybe it is for you. Do you watch young girl - hell they barely look too young don't they. Long mascara coated eyelashes, plump always shiny lips, tits firm, perky, tight, ass so round it makes you weak. You can only imagine how sweet that little pink kitten is. Never fucked or tainted. Asshole so pink you would love to stretch it open and around your cock. Tightest fuck you could ever imagine or hope to have.

Let me sit in your lap daddy. We will cover up with a blanket so nobody knows that you secretly pet my little kitten and whisper in my ear how much daddy thinks I am a good girl. When you touch it in the center and push in a little, I squirt on your hand. Because my little kitten is playful and excited.

Want to do what others find so filthy? I do.

Your Wicked Little Age Play Toy

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