Monday, October 8, 2012

Two Sides to Every Story

You see my precious smile
You think I'm looking sweet
You pass me by
Searching for the mental extreme
You're judging a book
Based solely on the cover
You're totally missing out
On a wycked angel twisted lover
You haven't even parted the spine of my pages
Twinkle in my eye, the smirk that I wear
Where do you think it comes from???
The filth in my mind that stirs in there
Mental transformation is what we both want
I love paradoxes and things that seem wrong
Like sucking on cherry popsicles, pointing
And giggling at your cock in my pink thong
I say harsh words with a smile on my lips
I cuss, fuck hard, eat cum and spit too
I please, torture, tease, spoil and humiliate
Call me and let's play a wycked game or two
The only wycked angel with a heart of gold
Wyckedheaven aim/yahoo