Friday, June 19, 2009

My Version of FAQ's

I have had a few issues lately that I am sure some of the other

operators and even gentlemen have questioned.  So, I would like to

attempt to clear up some of the confusion.

This is a recent IM

Name Withheld: well, since I started getting e-mails from other

Operators  in the Kingdom...I also saw that as you rejecting me and

trying to pass me off to someone else.

wyckedheaven: Honey, you only receive emails from other girls on the

Kingdom because you joined our google group Phone Sex Kingdom...which

is similar to a mailing list...where you can read the posts of ALL our

girls.  if you had not joined you would not get those emails

wyckedheaven: and I would NEVER pass you off, give your info to other

girls or anything like that....a LOT of guys get confused and think

they got compromised or their favorite operator gave out their info

when they join these groups.

I only bring this to attention because I truly believe some guys have

thought the very same thing.  We LOVE having you join our Google

Group.  We love that all of you read and some of you even

comment....which we encourage you to enjoy yourself fully.  All we ask

is that you never bully, harass, pass judgment or treat others with

disrespect.  We are all adults and every one of us have hidden little

animal instincts that make us "naughty".

Back to the subject.....

No operator will ever share your personal information with any other

operator.  We will NEVER throw your email address into a pool and the

girls all grab it and compose emails directly to you.  You WILL,

however, receive emails from the different operators that choose to

post here in this Google Group.  If you do not wish to receive emails,

or wish to receive just one Daily Digest email from this group, simply

go to Edit my Membership and check the appropriate circle.

I hope this clears up your questions as to why all the sudden all

these girls are hot box filling up your email box.  I kinda like the

assumption you are too hot for words!

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Your loving Angel,