Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Morning Wake Up - Your Secret Girlfriend

Hello Gentlemen and good morning.  Another Hump Day has arrived.  I actually prefer "Hump ME Day"  But that is because I love a good hump.  Whether by a man, a woman or hell, even my favorite BoB (Battery Operated Boyfriend).  Personally, I love to wake up and get mine.  I know you boys, waking up with a piss hard on, or waking up from a terribly hot dream where some hot, young, nympho redhead was slobbering all over your prick with her round, creamy ass in your face.  In mid "suck it harder bitch" the alarm goes off.  Fuck ME man.  I hate the alarm.  It doesn't take too much to continue that dream and finish to the round of cream.

New Schedule 6:00 am to 5 p.m. cst - early as 5 am on the west coast.  Does that mean you offer "Wake and Shake" calls Miss Heaven?  It sure does.

Do you want early morning, no hassle, girlfriend love in the wee beginnings of your day?  Before you hit the shower?  After that first sip of hot coffee?  Before your ass even gets out of your cozy bed?

How often do you want to get morning fucked?  Purchase a block of time to insure no need to take billing info every single time.  Purchase 30 minutes - get 10 for free.  Whether you call daily or weekly, get a totally uninterrupted call.  It starts with you picking up the phone, dialing me, good morning lover.  Let's start your day off with something that feels really fucking good.

Your Wicked Morning Lover,
wyckedheaven aim/yahoo