Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let's Do This

Don't you wanna cum for me baby? Right on my big natural tits? Deep in my mouth..so yummy! I can't wait to get you on my phone and purr right down your shaft.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Has it Been Too Long?

Someone mentioned to me the other day that I hadn't blogged in a while.  Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day.

Today tho, he called me.  He runs home from work - just dying to burst.  His fantasies...not unusual.  He wants to fuck his sister in law.  Fantasizes about her - her smell, her taste, how her tits look hanging and naked.

Being a pso it is challenging to a degree to patiently listen to every man's demands.  I find myself becoming pissy about the whole thing.  See, yesterday I had a birthday.  I did get a few happy birthdays but was shuned by some of those I consider friends.  How sad to not be told happy birthday or to get more demands when it was actually MY day.  So the pissy attitude about the men I cater to not loving me back was still present when he im'd me.  Further to make me pissy - his demands to perform.  I know I do!  So today he wanted to know what to bring.  Lube and rubberbands.  When he started stroking his cock I asked him if he had the lube.  Yes...well too fucking bad, leave it lie. 
Teasing and thrilling him with images to invade his mind, I directed him to tell me how he was stroking his cock.  Once full with blood he was instructed to pull on the first rubber band.  That cock was staying hard and with the bands much more difficult to cum.  I pulled tits from lacy bras, fingers sliding into silky panties, even offering up the fingers that so sweetly stroked my pussy only to suck them off myself.  Letting him feel the breath from my mouth against his cock, wanting so badly to force it in.  I laid back on the floor and fully fucked my pussy with my fingers.  Directed him to his knees to rub it gently against my cunt lips.  Forcing him to tie on another band.  Make it SNAP so I can hear it. OW - yea it hurts huh?  Fucker.

He begged, I asked for more, he begged.  I let him push the head into my creamy wet pussy.  I pulled my knees back, placed my feet on his chest and forced his cock out.  Stroke it!  No pussy for you.  He begged...I gave in to let him fuck her pussy until he came.  Grinning at the mess we had made I instructed him to clean up before he let the bands loose.  Figure a few more minutes of blood stuffed into his spent cock was a nice reminder.  Such a dirty boy!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Secret Treasures Hidden Within the Filth

I have been an adult entertainer for years.  Why and how is not important in this entry.  There are the few that know my story, and I mean very few.  In this life, and many that came before it and those that will come after it, you will experience things that you feel you are experiencing alone.  Yea yea Heaven....we ALL know that.  Get on with it.

My beautiful friend told me the story of Echo & Narcissus today.  He teaches me many things and I find him quite fascinating.  Some may like him, dislike him, even smarmy comes to mind at times.  After today's call - I think it is the suit he puts on.  Just like me.  We all do it.  The front, the mask, the smile, the joker, the model, the sweetheart.  Don't deny it because that, my loves, is a suit as well.  We are human and the cathartic call we had today really improved me and enhanced my overall character in this world of madness.  Don't worry loves, I am not getting too dramatic.  Just know this, phone sex is a delicious way to enjoy your kinks, fetish and just all around general Jimmy Jack Johnson's Jerk Off Jamboree!!!  It can also be a very mutual, loving, respectful, trusting, honest (if not sometimes brutally), nurturing, mind trip in which we purge not only our fluids, but our burdens.  But never just "fake it" through your life.  You never know what is lying under that flesh, bone, walmart jeans, Ralph Lauren jacket, foster grant sunglasses or Dollar store cheaters.  Some of the most fascinating people are those that built themselves into beautiful creatures despite the shit and weeds amongst them.

The term catharsis has also been adopted to describe the act of expressing, or more accurately, experiencing the deep emotions often associated with events in the individual's past which had originally been repressed or ignored, and had never been adequately addressed or experienced. "... experience shows that if the patient is reproducing the traumatic scene to the physician, the process has no curative effect if,
by some peculiar chance, there is no development of emotion."

Catharsis is the emotional cleansing of the audience and/or characters in the play. In relation to drama it is an extreme change in emotion resulting from strong feelings of sorrow, fear, pity, or laughter; this result has been described as a purification or a purging of such emotions (whether those of the characters in play or of the
participating caller).

I am not saying cathartic calls are for everyone to experience with their favorite pso - but I am clearly stating that some of us may be smarter than the average bear and not all calls are based solely on what color are my panties and what's the biggest dick you ever sucked. 

If it takes spankings, faked adoration, humiliation, teasing, spitting, laughing and even punishing to bring out your inner desire for dacryphilia- sexual arousal by the sight or sound of your lover crying or yourself being made to cry- sexual gratification by causing your lover to cry or being made to cry - then Heaven could possibly take you there.

As Always,
Your Loving Angel who loves a good cry and heated ass,


Monday, April 19, 2010

Did I Not Get the Memo?

I swear, some days are Fucktard Day for sure!

Get a clue - I know I am a phone bone luxury - but can we stop asking dumb ass questions?  Oh and I do remember a LOT of details of who I chat with or do calls with.  I will remember your m.o., I will remember the questions you ask, I will remember that you have wasted my time in chat for over a year, or have called my number more than once with that tired ol line - I've never done this before?  Oh yea????? then how come I remember you getting your balls drained while I rode you bareback with my strap on dipped in crisco?  Anywho - I love men, I love taking calls, getting off and flirting....I do on the other hand, hate assholes, idiots, dumb asses, fakers, abusers and FUCKTARDS!

>Your Sunny Personality

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Can I Get a Light?

I have a new friend.  "W" has opened up a new type of call for me.  Well, it isn't NEW - just a fetish that your loving angel has yet to do with a caller.  Now, I did work in a fetish club at one time and I remember a very smartly dressed handsome man coming in one day.  He loved coming in to the club to receive a hot oil rub down.  His request......fully naked, soft music, all lights off and a single taper candle lit.  He would get his back rubbed first.  My soft hands, tits and thighs rubbing against him as I stroked his shoulders, back and ass.  When it was time to roll over he would request I take a break.  Sit back on the couch, cross my legs and light a cigarette from the lit candle.  Sitting in the dark I would blow smoke rings across the room at him.  After a few puffs it would become a game.  He would hold and stroke his oiled up cock and I would blow rings towards it.  Every time that ring would go around his cock he would rub faster.  Each puff I would get closer and closer to his cock.  Blowing the smokey heat slower and harder onto his cock.  A true blow job. =)  Once I swear his cum shot right through the puff of smoke!

"W" reminds me of him.  On the phone I cradle his cock between my tits and hot box my cigarette.  I asked him to slide his cock right into that billowy puff of smoke escaping my lips.  He rewards me with a shot of his cum. YUM!

Why wait until after?!?

Your Loving Bad Habit Angel,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Got Caught!

I love when my favorite teacher Mr. B comes around to test me.  We have a deal.  I tease all the boys in school and never let them fuck me.  But Mr. B gives me A's when I stay after school or bring him my virgin friends to play too.  Today Mr. B noticed I wasn't in school and he came by my house.  I was surprised and invited him in.  I told him that I was wearing my mom's new Victoria Secret panties and had found her vibrator.  I was so naughty cause I sucked on it.  It made me super horny!!!!  I think Mr. B could tell.  He followed me upstairs to my mom's room and pulled out his cock.  Heaven you need to keep your grades up and you have been slacking.  I knelt down and began slowly caressing his cock with my wet lips.  He was closing his eyes and really pushing that thick prick in and out of my mouth.  That is when I heard the footsteps!  MOM!!!!!!  She came home for lunch!!!!  Heaven what are you doing!  In my room!?!?  In MY panties!!!!!  She was obviously upset but Mr. Brooks could see something else.  The spark in her eyes and how she clenched her thighs together.  It turned her on.  She slowly undressed as I continued to suck Mr. B's cock.  Kneeling down next to me she started to suck on his balls.  Mr. B was getting the mommy/daughter special.  He didn't know that my Mom was soooo hot.  Mr. B licked my mom all over and even had me lick her pussy while he fucked his big hard shaft inside of her.  I crawled onto his face and he was eating my pussy when he shot his load all over my mom's beautiful ass.  I think we were all very satisfied and as Mr. Brooks tied his tie and was heading out the door he said, Heaven, you get A's in every class today thanks to your mom.  We cuddled up together on the bed and giggled.  Our big titties pushed together and a smile on our face.  Mom always says - you CAN fuck to get your way.  Good girl!

Come play with me and find out for yourself how hot my mom can be.  Or pick your own favorite two girl fantasy.

Spy my mommy's big titties and luscious ass
Not just a mommy but surely the MILF of your fantasies!!!!

Your Loving Mommy Kisser,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Can We Get a Vote Please?

Can you take a moment of your time and hit out link and vote?  Go to PhoneSexKingdom - no need to Enter (well not until you voted anyways!) - scroll to the bottom and the very first blinking box is for Phone Sex Central!  Click it, enter a code and YOU have voted.  Comment and I will send you a special little gift for helping out!

Your Loving Vote Grubbing Angel,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Think Someone Likes Me

So I was chit chatting the other day with a exhibitionist - at least that is what I gathered. He says he loves to get naughty pics of girls and then film himself jerking his thick, shaved, nice mushroom headed cock over them. Since I always had a little fetish about guys shooting their cum wads all over my pics, I encouraged him to show me something.

I would upload the video but Blogspot says it is offensive. I think it is fantastic and will be watching it again. Want to watch it with me or make memories of your own? This hot little redheaded slut wants MORE!

Your Jerk Off Material Angel,

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Have I Seen It All?

Well Happy New Year to All.  I hope everyone enjoyed themselves.  I was chit chatting with one of my favorite callers.  He has a thing for a coworker and also a sister in law.  He was obviously upset when he said, I can't find my wife's vibe anywhere!  I think she threw it out.  Oh hell.  What can I use now?
So, I suggested candles, fruits, mag flash light (very evil grin).  Then I started looking around and found this

Now that is a juicy pocket pussy.  I think imagination has taken over in the sex toy department.  Some toys are very expensive, and as I already know, some are toxic.  Don't use the colored jelly "novelty" items without a condom.  If you are planning insertion make sure your toys are phthalate free.  Don't ask me to pronounce the word, just know this....it burns like a mother fucker after some time from the phthalate chemicals leaking out.  Came up with a whole new fetish there.  Ice Packed Pussy.  Drink Up Baby.
I want to share a website dedicated to home made sex toys.
Even has a link of Baby Toy/Sex Toy?  which was quite entertaining.  Enjoy!  By all means, if you have made or make a toy, please share a pic with me.  Even a call to use with me!  More Daring???  Place a call, get on cam and show me how you work that homemade toy!

Your Do It Yourself Angel,