Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Can I Get a Light?

I have a new friend.  "W" has opened up a new type of call for me.  Well, it isn't NEW - just a fetish that your loving angel has yet to do with a caller.  Now, I did work in a fetish club at one time and I remember a very smartly dressed handsome man coming in one day.  He loved coming in to the club to receive a hot oil rub down.  His request......fully naked, soft music, all lights off and a single taper candle lit.  He would get his back rubbed first.  My soft hands, tits and thighs rubbing against him as I stroked his shoulders, back and ass.  When it was time to roll over he would request I take a break.  Sit back on the couch, cross my legs and light a cigarette from the lit candle.  Sitting in the dark I would blow smoke rings across the room at him.  After a few puffs it would become a game.  He would hold and stroke his oiled up cock and I would blow rings towards it.  Every time that ring would go around his cock he would rub faster.  Each puff I would get closer and closer to his cock.  Blowing the smokey heat slower and harder onto his cock.  A true blow job. =)  Once I swear his cum shot right through the puff of smoke!

"W" reminds me of him.  On the phone I cradle his cock between my tits and hot box my cigarette.  I asked him to slide his cock right into that billowy puff of smoke escaping my lips.  He rewards me with a shot of his cum. YUM!

Why wait until after?!?

Your Loving Bad Habit Angel,


  1. We all have erotic fantasies but very few of us would dream of sharing them. My bf and I have just started to share our erotic thoughts and it is amazing. It has projected out sex life into a whole new dimension, to the point were we have recently introduced sex toys.

  2. We don't want to live out any of our fantasies but they have allowed us to explore a side of ourselves that is completely mind blowing.