Friday, August 3, 2012

Horny Lovely Day

Today - it is rainy, I am horny and well, I am nearing the heat cycle (ewwww gross!!!!!  oh shit grow the fuck up ok. LOL) and during those two weeks, anything phallic better watch the fuck out.  I am craving men, dick, lips and tongues.  I eyed the batteries at Walmart lovingly, dreamily, hard nips visible.  I watched a chick with long hair and wondered how deep she could suck a cock, with me.

  Even a bowl of watermelon sitting on my kitchen counter looks fun.  How amazingly wet, slippery, juicy and the textue......against my hard elastic on these panties is fraying ----- panties, yea i need to buy some new.......watermelon, juice in bottom of bowllllllllllllllllllll......brb.

 So basically, come fuck around with Miss Heaven - guaranteed to rock your fucking cock off and have an amazing time doing it.  Hee hee I can't resist

Nom Nom Nom

 Heaven - be careful now, my wings are scorched.