Thursday, March 29, 2012

Variety is what you want

Lays Potato Chips was right. You can't eat just one. Variety packs are something we just love to have. In our snacks, our beverages, our movie choices, socks and even condom flavors. Why not allow yourself a large variety of playmates? See the fun thing about girls like us, we are sluts, we don't care. We came to terms with it and we love it. We also EXPECT you to fool around. To "cheat" lol. Feel free to use up all my pretty playmates. Stuff two of us in your mouth at wait, have two of US stuff your dick in OUR mouths!! I just like to share you guys. Sharing is caring. LMFAO

Now come on over and play eeny - meeny - miny - moe - catch a hot, sexy slut by her OH!

Stop by and play with my favorite phone babes. They are such a variety of sweet, nasty, filthy, mommas, tramps, barely legals and nymphos. And come on boys, has Heaven ever steered you wrong??? And even if I did, didn't it feel oh so right!!

Click on each girls name to go check out her site and what makes her so amazing!

Amy Angelina Annabella Cherie Chloe Eva Heaven Julianne Marissa Raquel Ryan