Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PhoneSex Truth or Dare

Remember when you were a kid. Sitting in a circle in some friends basement. Some girls on this side, some guys on that side. Giggling, sweating, nervously saying “DARE!”. The sexual tension just knowing someone was gonna dare you to kiss the blond girl that was the first in your class to get real tits instead of mosquito bites.

So now we eye each other. You looking at my nude pics online, perhaps chatting me up. Wanna play a dirty grown up game of Truth or Dare? I will go first and I chose Truth. Grins – YES I love phonesex and talking about sex with strangers. Dare? Show you how deep I can suck?!! a banana!!! put it where???? What will you be pushed to do dirty boy? Can I dare you to jerk off in front of me? Dare you to fuck that tight nerve ridden asshole? Dare you to tell me the truth that you only wear panties under your blue jeans on Fridays? Or that you cum all over your sisters panties?

I totally Dare you to have hot, tension relieving phonesex with me.



Monday, August 8, 2011

What I Make Him Do

I love a little control.  But my kind of control is a process.  Getting to know you, getting to know me.  I am sweet, intoxicating, dedicated and real.  I slowly bring you into my confidence and make sure you feel special, loved and desired.  I want to fuck you.  I want you to fuck me.  I will eagerly do everything I am asked to do.  Why?  Cause I am a wicked little slut.  I sweetly give you what you want, only to get what I need.

This is a true slut of mine.  Always sniffing around to see what new things I can say, type or imagine we would do.  He got the courage - Finally - and shot himself in the face to taste what makes him a man.

So dirty!  So naughty!  Such a dirty little slut.  I love it!

Your Convincing Angel,