Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Got Caught!

I love when my favorite teacher Mr. B comes around to test me.  We have a deal.  I tease all the boys in school and never let them fuck me.  But Mr. B gives me A's when I stay after school or bring him my virgin friends to play too.  Today Mr. B noticed I wasn't in school and he came by my house.  I was surprised and invited him in.  I told him that I was wearing my mom's new Victoria Secret panties and had found her vibrator.  I was so naughty cause I sucked on it.  It made me super horny!!!!  I think Mr. B could tell.  He followed me upstairs to my mom's room and pulled out his cock.  Heaven you need to keep your grades up and you have been slacking.  I knelt down and began slowly caressing his cock with my wet lips.  He was closing his eyes and really pushing that thick prick in and out of my mouth.  That is when I heard the footsteps!  MOM!!!!!!  She came home for lunch!!!!  Heaven what are you doing!  In my room!?!?  In MY panties!!!!!  She was obviously upset but Mr. Brooks could see something else.  The spark in her eyes and how she clenched her thighs together.  It turned her on.  She slowly undressed as I continued to suck Mr. B's cock.  Kneeling down next to me she started to suck on his balls.  Mr. B was getting the mommy/daughter special.  He didn't know that my Mom was soooo hot.  Mr. B licked my mom all over and even had me lick her pussy while he fucked his big hard shaft inside of her.  I crawled onto his face and he was eating my pussy when he shot his load all over my mom's beautiful ass.  I think we were all very satisfied and as Mr. Brooks tied his tie and was heading out the door he said, Heaven, you get A's in every class today thanks to your mom.  We cuddled up together on the bed and giggled.  Our big titties pushed together and a smile on our face.  Mom always says - you CAN fuck to get your way.  Good girl!

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