Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome to 2009

I swear, getting through the holidays is overwhelming. I am so glad that all the "buy me stuff" days have ended and we can get back to having some fun. This is the beginning of my third year entertaining the men in my life. I am hoping with this blog and our new site (which you can access by going to MY page first - giggle - that I will continue to entertain all of my favorites and talk with some new ones. I suppose some of my favorite calls are still mutual masturbation, age play, and my first time. But, if you look at my blog entitled "Types of Calls", there are still so many to choose from. Pick one, let's have some fucked up fantasy fun. I am waiting for a callers to call and say he wants to come home and catch me sucking his young son. Roleplay taking me out to a fancy place only to find out I have to help "pay" for dinner. Kitchen orgy anyone? Then there are times I just want a performing cock. Stuff my panties in your mouth and just stroke it would you? Get a melon, jizz all inside it's warm interior then let me force feed it to my sweet little sister. LOL. Oh I am depraved once you get me started. I want to take this time to offer a sweet little special for ANYONE who can pay for it. Purchase a 15 minute call and get 10 additional minutes for free! That is a $50.00 value for only.....$30.00!! Use it all at once or break it into 2 calls. Continuing from now until the end of January. When you call me at 888*823*6127 mention you saw the special on my blog. I look forward to all of my new friends and I cherish all my current friends. Muah.


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