Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My New Toy "J"

Well I have had a few calls with "J". The first day we met I could tell we would hit it off. I asked him had he ever done phonesex before? "All the time." A pro so to speak. I find that when guys are experienced at having phonesex they allow their minds to wander and imagine more. Let the thrill of the experience really get them. "J" and I both got so horny, we even did a second call later that same day. We chat online and he reads my blog. That is where he got the idea for the call today. Impregnation. I was a sweet little girl that had lied to Daddy. Telling him I had to go to the library. Only I wasn't at the library. I was at the drive in. Unbeknownst to "J" I was looking for trouble. I lured him to my car and invited him into the backseat. Where he ripped off my cotton panties and pounded me - harder, deeper and rough. Snatching my buttons off my blouse to bite on my nipples. Oh it felt so good, but I begged him not to cum in me. I heard him get more forceful...pulling away at his cock. Telling me he was filling me with his sperm. I clenched his ass to me and felt it pulse its way deeper into me. Then he threw open the backdoor of Daddys car and walked away. Leaving me soaked in his cum. Ahhh "J" I look forward to you picking another fantasy from my list of Types of Calls.

Your Loving Nasty Angel,

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