Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Blog from Your Friendly Neighborhood PhoneSex Girl

Another blog from your friendly neighborhood phone sex girl.....weeeeeeee!!! I got a big surprise the other day when my very favorite male friend came a calling. He brought with him a surprise for me. While he was concentrating on giving me some delicious oral satisfaction, he pulled from his bag of tricks, a purple double headed dildo - you know the real flesh like kind - and proceeded to fuck me with the thing. While expertly sucking at my clit and slowly shoving and pulling that dildo into me....I rolled my eyes back and came. I would just like to say...that if you have not done this for your SHOULD. Double-headed you say!!!! For what purpose if you do not have another lady around?? Well, for starters - it is longer than your average dildo. Yummy. And for you naughty boys, maybe put your mouth around the opposite end while it is pushed inside. Maybe (and don't freak out boys) use the other end for yourself while giving your girl some fun. Yes yes, men love to get that spot rubbed inside as well. So, get your ass to the local adult toy store and have some fucking fun. Explore, delve and do something naughty t0 each other. Hell, do something naughty to yourself. Maybe call me and let's have some naughty fun together. I would love to hear what you boys love. Special little tricks that a girl can do to pull your chain. where is that toy of mine....later -

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