Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Gadget

Hey Everyone! I wanted to point out a new gadget - widget on my site. Well two actually. They are both on the right hand side. One is Buy Your Own Toys. Which is amazingly cool. I have linked up with EdenFantasys to provide toys, lubes, jerk off aids and all sorts of wicked little things to make your dick go BOINNNNG.

Secondly, anyone who actually has done calls with me for a period of time has heard my true nature. Sexy and funny. If I am not cooing in your ear while I stroke my slippery nub, I am giggling. Hell, I bet some of you know I even laugh right after I cum. Nothing like endorphins. So, Joke of the Day is there for your chuckle needs.

See, a woman of many talents. Come by and play!

888 823 6127

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