Friday, March 20, 2009

We will call him Cabernet

I have had a few calls now with Cabernet.  I have to say I have really enjoyed them simply because he loves role play.  Has a fresh outlook on enjoying himself.  He is a self proclaimed voyeur and nudist.  He loves to have a few drinks and let his mind wander.  Our latest delicious retreat was after a bottle of Cabernet.  His favorite I think.  He and his wife live next door.  We are all friends and he comes over to help me with "manly" things since my boyfriend is away from home so often.  He is much older than I am and kind of like a father figure.  A naughty daddy figure.  I find him peeking at me when I sunbath.  I catch him, wink and he blushes and quickly looks for his wife.  I think someone is getting neglected.  So I ask him to come take a look at my air conditioner.  I need to cool off anyway and put my bathing suit top back on.  He tinkers around with my window unit that blows into my bedroom.  I don't think he really knows what is wrong with it.  But I take the opportunity to tease him more.  I throw my top on the bed and slowly rub my tits in my bedroom mirror.  "Ummm is it blowing cold now????"  I slip my hand into my panties...watching him watch me.  He gulps.  "I think you may need to look at it from in here"  He comes into the house and I quickly pull my bathing suit bottoms off.  Just him watching me rub myself has me hot.  I haven't been fucked all week and I am needing it.  He comes into my room, damp with sweat from the heat.  He steps in front of the air conditioner and feels the instant cold.  He chuckles.  He turns and I grab ahold of his cock and press myself against him.  "Seems we both have a need."  He reaches for me and I swiftly release his cock from his sweaty jeans.  The air conditioning may have been blowing but we were both dripping wet and ready to fuck..................and we did.  To this day it is our little secret.  But he knows "can you look at my air conditioner?" is a very open ended question.  wink


Come find me and let me help you find your way into a sweet and naughty orgasm!!!!

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