Thursday, June 20, 2013

This Bitch Rocks!

I know a lot of you guys have visited and called our phonesex girls at PhoneSexKingdom.  At least I hope you have, no I don't hope - get your ass over there and have some fun...would ya?!?!  Sorry, it is 11 a.m. in the Summer and well I still got bed head.  Summer is for staying up late, swimming and getting tan, smoking some damn good ribs and well --- some of the green, am I right?  Fuck me - sex, drugs and rock and roll!!!!!!!  And with that being said, I am in lust.  There I said it.  Cheyenne you are smoking hot and I love that you know so much fucking awesome rock and roll - you are a mother fucking rock goddess.  So, get your ass on over to her blog and check out WTFRU - We're the Sex Slaves.  RAWR I would be her sex slave anyday.

Your Wycked Angel


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